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Creating a Safe Outdoor Dining Experience This Winter

Out door dining amcraft manufacturing

Creating a Safe Outdoor Dining Experience This Winter The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a serious threat to the bar and restaurant industry. Normally a hub of social interaction, these businesses have had to shut their doors and adopt creative solutions to keep their staff and customers safe. Curbside pick-up, delivery, and outdoor seating have become… Read more »

Industrial Curtains Can Be an Effective Solution in the Highly Regulated Cannabis Business

Industrial Curatins in Highly Regulated Cannabis Business

Industrial Curtains Can Be an Effective Solution in the Highly Regulated Cannabis Business Cannabis may not be federally legal at this point, but that hasn’t stopped the “green rush” from flourishing in states with medical and recreational programs. Still a relatively new business emerging from years of prohibition, cannabis regulations are stringent and evolving. Everyone… Read more »

5 Technologies to Watch in the Manufacturing and Logistics Space

Five technologies to watch amcraft manufacturing

5 Technologies to Watch in the Manufacturing and Logistics Space Human talent will remain core to the manufacturing and logistics space, but the adoption of new technology is inevitable. Whether it is to safeguard operations or improve efficiency, a variety of new technologies are well on their way to becoming commonplace in the industry. Here… Read more »

How to Recognize the Key Features of a Quality Industrial Curtain Wall

In this day and age, a consumer is faced with many different purchasing options. For every product that you may want to buy, you can likely find a healthy amount of companies that offer it. Often times, deciding which company to purchase a product from can be just as big of a decision as deciding what product to purchase…

The Benefits of Industrial Curtains for Your Dock

Industrial Curtains for Your Dock

Many industrial facilities have interior loading docks, but when the overhead door is open and a truck is in the dock, all the outside weather comes into the facility. This can increase your heating and cooling costs; let in dirt and debris that can damage your products; create unsafe conditions; and make your team miserable and less productive…

The Benefits of Industrial Curtain Enclosures

Enclosure With Air Filters

When you’re managing a large facility or warehouse, different projects can often benefit from being separated into their own designated work areas. One convenient way to accomplish this is by implementing curtain wall enclosures…

Three Ways Industrial Wall Curtains Improve Work Conditions for Employees

No matter what type of facility you work at, you are bound to run into questions and issues about the acoustic quality of your space. Each space, from restaurants to warehouses, is made up of different building materials that will add to or detract from the acoustic quality of your facility…

Three Benefits of Using Retractable Curtain Walls

If you’re considering installing industrial curtain walls in your workspace, you’ve likely already researched their benefits and functions and know what they can add to your space. They’re non-permanent which makes them an ideal choice for areas that may shift in functionality with time…

Best Industrial Soundproofing Curtains

Industrial Acoustic Curtains Truck

If you work in an industry that often works on projects that create a lot of noise—mechanical work, factory production lines, etc.—you’ve probably already looked into what noise-blocking or noise-reduction curtains can offer to your facility…

Dividing Auto Maintenance Bays With Industrial Curtains

As spring turns into summer, the auto maintenance repair industry generally sees an increase in the number of vehicles, both cars and trucks, coming through the garage doors and into their auto maintenance bays.  Typically loaded with a great number of general auto maintenance requests…