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Does Your Facility Need Flame-Rated Industrial Curtain Walls?

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Does Your Facility Need Flame-Rated Industrial Curtain Walls? By: Mark Deutsch If your facility is using industrial curtains to separate different areas or workspaces, it’s important to know whether they are flame-rated. Likewise, if you’re considering implementing a curtain wall system in your location, you’ll want to research the options available to you as well… Read more »

A Creative Way to Boost Insulation Value with Industrial Thermal Curtains

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As we move into a cooler time of year, many of you will start to focus on the temperature in your facility. Typically an HVAC technician is called in to check up on furnaces, heating vents are unblocked, and additional insulation may be added to existing walls and ceilings…

Flame Resistant PVC Vinyl for Industrial Curtain Walls

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AmCraft manufactures many of our flexible products using flame resistant pvc vinyl materials that meet one or more of the most widely used flame rating requirements. Since many flame ratings vary and are dictated by the governing…