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How Food-Grade Curtains Can Help Facilities Maintain Regulatory Compliance

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How Food-Grade Curtains Can Help Facilities Maintain Regulatory Compliance The Role of Food-Grade Curtains Industrial curtains can be important part of a facility’s compliance strategy. They can serve as separation barriers between different areas of the facility, either installed as retractable or stationary. AmCraft’s curtains are fabricated to fit your space. When you buy the… Read more »

The Biggest Trends in Food Processing R&D

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The Biggest Trends in Food Processing R&D Whether driven by the need to capture more market share or changing regulations, food processing companies use research and development to create new products and processes. For example, Sargento expanded its cheese-focused business to include new products like nuts and chocolate. Athens Foods created gluten free phyllo dough,… Read more »

Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Love Industrial Curtain Walls by AmCraft Manufacturing

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Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Love Industrial Curtain Walls by AmCraft Manufacturing AmCraft Manufacturing produces high quality industrial curtain walls in their US-based facility. Offering a wide range of space separation solutions, AmCraft caters to the specific application needs for a broad spectrum of industries. As a one-stop custom industrial curtain shop, AmCraft’s customers are… Read more »

How Food Grade Industrial Curtain Walls Improve Efficiency

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Most work places have a variety of different activities and functions going on within them. Some of these functions may work well together, while others are disruptive to the processes around them. Almost every work place has the need for space division…

The Food Grade Standard: Food Grade Curtains for your Facility

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In the food processing and manufacturing industry, food grade standards of safety are regulated with a strong hand by federal and government sanctioned agencies.  Especially in the case of meat, poultry, and produce, these federal regulations are set in place in order to protect the well-being of the general population…

Why and How to Divide a Space with Industrial Curtain Walls

If you work in or manage/own a warehouse or garage space, you know the challenges associated with keeping jobs properly contained. Whether you’re working on vehicles, painting them, or doing anything else within the location…

Calling All Industrial Suppliers and Contractors!

AmCraft Manufacturing aims to be a resource for all of its distributors; we are calling on all industrial warehouse suppliers and contractors to be a part of our distributor team.  We call it a team because we work with our curtain distributors to provide solutions to everyday customer issues…

Food Grade Curtains in Industrial Food Processing Workspaces

Food Grade Curtains are an important fixture in your overall health. If you take a look around your local grocery store, you will see all types of products – canned goods, frozen foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, even makeup, toiletries, and pharmaceutical products…