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Beam/Chain Support Mounting System

AmCraft Manufacturing beam chain support mounting system
  1. Beam/Chain Mount Connector: These are placed wherever two tracks meet each other. The tracks should be slid into the bracket and meet in the center. Set screws- provided- should be used to secure the tracks in the connector. The connectors brackets should hold both tracks in place firmly.
  2. Beam/Chain Mount Split Support: These are placed at the ends of your track, or at curves in your track. These allow one piece of track to be slid into their bracket. These pieces will support one piece of track, but will not allow for connection on another track piece.
  3. Trolleys: Trolleys should be slid into the track before at least one of the end stops.
  4. Adjustable end stop: These are to be placed at both ends of the track, to stop trollrys from sliding out. Be sure to put all trolleys in the track before you put both end stops in.
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