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Threaded Rod with Unistrut


Threaded Rod with Unistrut
1. First, you will need to attach the Unistrut to the bottom of your trusses.
a. Unistrut should be positioned so that the side that is open (not one of the sides with holes) is facing into the enclosed area. The three sides with the holes should be facing up against the truss, down toward the ground, and outside of the enclosed space.

2. To attach the Unistrut to your trusses, use the bolt, washer, and nut sets labeled “S2TR”. You should use 1 each “S2TR” set per truss.
a. The bolt will thread through the space between the bars in your truss and then down through the Unistrut.

b. You should have 1 each fender washer on top of the strut, and 1 each on the bottom of the strut.

c. Secure the bolt and fender washers with the lock washer and nut provided.

3. Unistrut should run in one continuous length. To secure one Unistrut to the next, use the flat plate fittings and the bolts with square washers provided.
a. These plates and bolts should be attached to the unistrut on the side of the strut that is open (facing into the enclosed space).

4. Once the Unistrut is up, you can attach the threaded rods to it.
5. The threaded rods are to be attached to the Unistrut by sliding the rods into the strut and out the other side of it.
a. You should use 1 each flat washer, lock washer, and hex nut, labeled “TROD2S”, on each side of the Unistrut (one set on top, the other on the bottom).
Unistrut Connector Threaded Rod
6. The threaded rods are designed to drop down and connect to your track at the other end (the end not occupied by the beam clamp). Threaded rods come is standard lengths and may need to be cut in the field.
7. The rods should connect to the track- via connectors and split supports- at the other end.
Please use 2 nuts per threaded rod to track connection.
8. Threaded rod connectors, which look like this:
Threaded rod connectors
a. are to be used at every connection point between two tracks. The split supports will support the track but will not connect two track pieces together.
9. The threaded rod split supports, which look like this:
threaded rod split support
a. are designed to hold the ends of each track run or support a curve. The split supports will support the track but will not connect two track pieces together.
10. Before putting your last piece of track up, slide the rollers into the track.
11. Then, hang the curtains.
12. If there are any additional rollers in the track, take them out before putting the last piece of track up.
13. If your track runs end at existing walls, you can substitute the split supports for wall mount end stops.
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