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Overlap Trolleys

Overlap Trolley Track
  1. The overlap trolley is designed with a built-in extension which facilitates an 8” curtain overlap. It will add 12” to the overall curtain width, with 6” on either curtain side. An optional pull rope attached to the trolley eliminates strain on the top corner of the curtain and allows for easy retraction.
  2. Before inserting your rollers into your track system, we recommend laying out your curtain panels in order to find the correct placement and orientation of both the rollers and overlap trolley(s). This step helps to ensure all the components are inserted into the track in the correct order for your layout. Overlap trolleys are used on the ends of curtain panels, the panel attached to the overlap trolley will overlap in front of the panel without it. The hooks on the overlap trolley are 12 inches apart and will line up with the grommets on the end of your curtain panel.
  3. Once you have mounted your track system, you should slide your rollers into place. Because the order of the trolleys determines their placement, ensure you insert them into the track in the correct sequence. Make sure that you install an end stop prior to sliding the rollers into the track system. After all the rollers have been installed, install another adjustable end stop into place at the opposite end of the track in order to lock them in.
  4. If you are using an overlap trolley with a curved track section, ensure that the overlap trolley is inserted in the correct orientation. Overlap trolleys should be oriented with the built-in extension arm on the outside of the track system. More specifically, the extension arm should be oriented to face the same direction as the front of your curtain panel.
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