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Threaded Rod Mounting System


Threaded Rod Mount Instructions

Step 1:

Item Quality Check

Make sure you received all the parts you ordered by:

  • Take the packing list on the side of one of the boxes off
  • Compare packing list with the received parts
  • If you need a visual matching of the part number please note page 2
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Threaded Rod Mount Connector List

Step 2:

Measurement Check

IMPORTANT NOTE: The TOP OF THE TRACK has to be mounted at                ft.              in. off the floor

There will be a 1” gap between the bottom edge of the curtain and the floor. Floor sweeps are not included, please see below drawing. This dimension is also located atop your quotation. Make sure that the track is level, to ensure that the trolleys slide smoothly.
Threaded Rod Mount Floor Diagram

Step 3:

Determining where to use Connectors, Plain Connectors and Split Supports
Threaded Rod Mount connector
Threaded Rod Connector Connects two pieces of track together and provides a flange to support the connection from above. Only used if there is existing structure above the connector to provide support.
Plain Connector with Threaded Rod Split Support If there is no existing structure support available above the track connection, use a plain connector. Then, in order to support the track at 5’ intervals, place a split support on the track. Split supports can be placed anywhere along the track except for directly on top of a plain connector.

Threaded Rod Split Support with 90° or 45° Track Curve These have a plain connector welded onto each end. Place the split support next to said connector both ends of the curved track.

Threaded Rod Split Support Used to support the end of a track run if the track is not run all the way to a wall.
Also, used as mentioned above.

Step 4:

Placing Rollers & Trolleys
Important: The trolleys and the adjustable end stops need to be placed in the track before securing the end of the track to a wall. Each grommet on your curtain needs a Trolley. Please slide the amount of trolleys needed to hang your curtain into the track (be sure to consider special trolleys, as detailed below). Sliding in the trolleys
Sliding in a pull rope trolley (does not need a grommet). Will be to the curtain.
Sliding in an overlap trolley (used to allow 2 curtains to overlap where they meet). Needs 2 grommets on the same curtain (should be placed on the curtain that you want to bypass/overlap the other).
Sliding in an adjustable end stop (to anchor one end of the curtain, so that it does not move, place the adjustable end stop between the last and second-to-last trolleys)

Step 5:

(IF APPLICABLE) Wall Mount End Stop - Flange Up or Down
Threaded Rod Mount connector

Step 6:

Hanging Curtain Align and match curtain grommets with available trolley hooks.
Threaded Rod Mount connector