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Custom Industrial Curtain Manufacturing

AmCraft Manufacturing is proud to offer a variety of custom manufactured curtain divider and enclosure systems, serving the needs of our commercial and industrial clients. We fabricate high-quality industrial curtain walls and track systems that offer temporary or permanent containment solutions within virtually any industrial space.

From food-grade curtains for inside packaging plants to photography backdrop curtains to help create stunning photos, these industrial curtain walls are a durable, aesthetically pleasing option to choose when you need a room divider, shop curtain or temporary wall.

Durable, High Quality Curtain Materials

creates separation

Creates Separation

absorbs sound

Absorbs Sound

Controls Temperature

Controls Temperature

contains hazards

Contains Hazards

Our products are manufactured with PVC laminated fabric options (PVC coating optional/when available) and are ideal for separating facilities into different workspaces for different teams, keeping fumes, chemicals, and debris contained, or muffling and blocking out sound within a building.

Depending on what industry you work in and what your particular needs are within your building, the type of industrial curtain wall or acoustic panel that will suit your project will differ.

Curtain Wall Options and Applications

Industrial curtain walls are not only highly durable and convenient for creating temporary and easily moved room dividers, but are also easy to clean, fire and mold resistant, and hazmat applicable. Our acoustic curtains are ideal for diffusing sound in a loud area, such as a concert hall where echo can ruin a performance or in an auto body shop where noise from machines can be distracting and dangerous to other workers. These curtains are also retractable, making them versatile for times when you don’t need a divided workspace.