Aluminum Repair Curtains

An aluminum auto repair clean room area is required for total separation from the rest of the shop because of the potential cross-contamination risks.

With aluminum making its way into mainstream car construction, aluminum body shop enclosures are ideal for both structural and non-structural car repair and truck repair shops that are preparing to meet growing industry needs. The repair process of aluminum vehicles requires a separate, sealed off area – a garage divider curtain would successfully separate this process from the rest of the shop.

Aluminum Repair Curtain
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  • Prevents Cross-Contamination
  • Assists in becoming Aluminum Repair Certified
  • Incorporates Exhaust / Ventilation Systems into Design
  • Helps with NFPA 33 and OSHA compliance
  • Customizable colors and designs

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Some of the features that are included in an aluminum vehicle curtain enclosure ensure properly closing off the area. Some of the considerations when planning out your aluminum repair clean room project are:

Four Reasons for Isolation

  1. More common vehicle metals (steel) may contaminate aluminum integrity as well as paint adherence.
  2. Iron oxide (rust) can be expelled when sanding /grinding steel.  Rust may bond with aluminum and affect structural integrity as well as paint adherence.
  3. Iron oxide, aluminum, and magnesium, elements which are found frequently in car repairs, may present a hazardous environment when mixed together.
  4. Aluminum car repair enclosures are required to adhere to combustible dust and toxic metal programs in addition to existing enclosure regulations for federal compliance.

Placement & Size

Aluminum body shop enclosures and aluminum curtain walls are a necessity when a vehicle repair shop decides to become aluminum-capable. As with standard steel body car and truck repairs, the processes of welding, bonding, riveting, sanding, grinding, and other structural procedures will apply to aluminum vehicle repairs, also. A vinyl curtain enclosure that includes a flexible vinyl ceiling with a grid system or extends to the ceiling would successfully contain the aluminum repair process, thus preventing any high-risk contamination of the aluminum by other processes.

Special Features for an Aluminum Vehicle Repair Area

  • Edge sealing for containment
  • Vision Panel can be tinted clear vinyl (in various colors) – protects against weld flash
  • Replaceable, NESHAP-compliant Filters to help meet industry standards
  • Pass through Strip Doors for easy access points (available in welding material)
  • Retractable or Stationary models available

When considering the construction of an auto body shop enclosure or aluminum curtain wall dedicated to aluminum repairs, placement and size are important factors in the project planning. In order to minimize the cross-contamination of steel body vehicle work with aluminum body vehicle repairs, placing the aluminum repair bay in the cleanest area, closest to the paint / primer area(s) and furthest from the other repair areas would be ideal.

Another important detail to consider when planning out an aluminum vehicle area is to accommodate the quantity of aluminum repairs the shop works on (or is projected to work on) per week. This will determine the size of the aluminum vehicle enclosure, the number of bays to include, and will ultimately determine whether it can be placed in your existing setup or if reconfiguration of your shop layout is needed.

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Aluminum vehicle repair areas are a necessity to accommodate repairs for the growing number of cars utilizing aircraft grade aluminum. The dedicated body repair enclosure will separate aluminum structural and non-structural repairs from other areas. This designation will define a specific workspace to include specialized aluminum equipment and welding, grinding, and sanding areas. Furthermore, this will be put in place to promote efficiency and prevent hazardous situations from arising.

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