Ceiling for an Industrial Warehouse Curtain Enclosure

Suspended ceiling grid.

Single layer fabric ceiling cover

The ceilings are constructed with reinforced PVC coated vinyl material, which has a frosted clear finish. This material allows light to pass through the ceiling cover, while also maintaining a good amount of strength. It has a partially transparent appearance. We recommend the reinforced clear material for its durability, which is thanks to its polyester scrim. Additionally, this material is easier to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Insulated ceiling cover

We also offer 1″ thick and 2″ thick insulated ceiling covers.
Industrial Insulated Curtain Enclosure
NM suspended structure inside retouched

Suspended ceiling grid

Each ceiling cover is supported by a grid system. The size of the overall grid itself and its inner supports are determined based on the weight of the curtain and the layout of the building structure that it will hang from.

The outer edges of the ceiling grid are always made up of track, no matter if your curtain is retractable or stationary. This is because the piece that ties the inner grid support to the grid perimeter fits perfectly around the track profile. This piece was custom designed by AmCraft for this specific purpose.

NM suspended structure install retouched
At the corners, customers have a choice between 90-degree curves or 90-degree corners, depending on preference and desired function. The internal grid consists primarily of slotted angles, allowing flexibility in the sizing of the support system for the ceiling cover. Please note that the slotted angles come in standard sizes, and cutting of these is likely necessary upon installation.
The grid structure needs to be suspended from your existing ceiling structure. For drops of 6′ or less, threaded rods are used. If you require longer suspension drops, customers have employed slotted angles around the perimeter and used threaded rods to support the intersections in the middle of the grid.
NM suspended structure cross bracket retouched
A detailed image of an internal grid cross section with threaded rod support.

Is there a limit to the size of a suspended ceiling grid?

As long the grid can be supported every 5′ around the perimeter and at every internal cross section, then there is no limit to the size of ceiling cover. The cover itself comes in sections which attach to each other via Velcro. The above image shows a 40′ x 35′ ceiling grid with 90 degree curved corners.

Using 1, 2 or 3 existing walls for an enclosure with a ceiling cover.

Enclosure Using Existing Walls
Enclosure Using Existing Walls
Enclosure Using Existing Walls

What if I have to suspend more than 6feet?

This image displays a 20′ x 20′ enclosure featuring a ceiling grid, ceiling cover, and retractable side curtains. In this particular case, since the ceiling grid needed to be suspended for more than 6 feet, the customer opted to utilize slotted angles for suspension.

To enhance the enclosure’s stability, as depicted in the picture, the suspension slotted angles are interconnected and, in certain areas, braced against the ceiling structure