What Type of Door fits your facility and your budget?



  • 12″ Curtain Overlap
  • Magnet Closure
  • Zipper Closure
  • Velcro Closure

Strip doors are one of the most effective and cost  conscious options available for doorways.  Available in a variety of strip size, overlap, and color options. All doorways are custom built to your required sizes and specifications.

The above options do not require any hardware. The Magnet Closure, Zipper and Velcro are sewn into the Curtains.

Only the 12″ Overlap requires an Overlap Trolley  to allow one curtain to overlap the other. Because there is no Hardware involved these are very popular options.

Single or Double BUMP / SWING DOORS

Bump Swing Door


The swing doors are a reliable, time tested option to  upgrade your egress points.  They are a middle of the road choice, between strip doors and roll up doors.  They are manually operated, and do not require power run to the doorway.  They do require  external bracing and/or framework.

The high speed roll up doors are the most deluxe option for egress points.  If you need to get in and out of your enclosure  fast, then these are your doors!  These doors come in an insulated and a non-insulated model.  They do require power to be run to the doorway, and also require external  bracing/framework. 

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Your Door or Egress Options depended if you install a retractable or stationary curtain.

The possible options to choose for retractable curtains are:

  • 12″ overlap which is accomplished with a overlap trolley
  • Magnet closure if the curtain is not high
  • Zipper closure also if the curtain is not to highVelcor tap closure
  • Strip door closure
Most of the above options have heights or width limitations please talk to one of our sales staff to find the optimal solution for your application.

The possible options to choose for stationary Curtains are:

  • PVC Strip Door
  • Double or single swing/bump doors
  • Roll UP Door