Industrial Noise Control Curtain Panels

AmCraft Industrial Curtain Wall’s industrial noise control curtain panels offer dual sided absorption with a sound blocking material in the center. This construction is the perfect solution to separate two different noise sources.

These industrial noise control curtain panels are commonly used to divide a large conference room or dance studio into two smaller rooms, making it possible to have two different activities going on simultaneously. If you choose the retractable option, you maintain space flexibility.

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Features of our Industrial Sound Absorption Curtain Panels

  • Retractable industrial sound absorption curtain panels can go up to 18’ high
  • Stationary industrial sound absorption curtain panels can go up to 15’ high
  • Absorbs sound on both sides
  • One layer of sound-blocking material at the center, to block noise from two sides
  • Three different sound absorption fabrics are available for both sides of the industrial acoustic curtains
  • Can be hung on a track in a slight accordion pattern to increase the sound absorption level
  • Fiberglass-free
  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A, NFPA – 701 and CSFM

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Acoustic Sound Divider Curtain

This is why our dual absorption curtains will give you a high level of both noise absorption and noise blocking:

As mentioned above, most of the time these dual absorption curtains are used to separate two noisy areas. The objective of this type of industrial sound barrier is to dampen and block the noise coming from both sides of the curtain wall, and to protect both areas from the other side’s noise.

Additionally, because each side’s sound will go through a layer of sound absorbing material before hitting the sound blocking material, the overall noise in each area will be lessened, as well.

In order to reach the great NRC and STC ratings that this product boasts, AmCraft uses a very thick sound-absorbing material on both sides of the sound-blocking material. Please keep in mind, that the only pitfall of this effective and thick absorbing material is that the retractable panels do not retract and compress very tightly.