Thermo Block Insulated Retractable Curtains by AmCraft Manufacturing


Retractable curtains by AmCraft manufacturing are our great option for temperature control when flexibility is also important this insulated curtain has an R-value of 16 and is available in both retractable and stationary if a higher temperature difference or higher values are required then AmCraft manufacturing offers a rigid version of our thermal block curtain panels which go up to our 25 and more the results of our energy-efficient high-performance insulated curtain panels are so impressive the investment will often pay for itself double sided floor sweep bridges the gap between the floor in the bottom of the curtain our thermal block curtains are manufactured here in Elk Grove Village we offer a vast array of our values and construction each customer’s requirements and budgets are unique and special to us our knowledgeable product specialists have the flexibility to work out an optimal solution to suit your insulation needs.