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Auto Body Shop Curtains

AmCraft Manufacturing specializes in the manufacturing of auto body shop curtain walls to fit any space for a variety of uses relative to the auto body industry.

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Custom Body Shop Curtain Systems

Our design team can customize room curtains to any size facility to fit your specific needs. At AmCraft, you can order a complete system consisting of auto curtain walls and track systems direct from our manufacturing plant. Our curtain systems are easy to install and movable, giving you flexibility to create work areas wherever you need them.
Use our garage curtains to protect body shop workers and equipment from odors, sparks, overspray paint and solvents, dust and debris, and indoor/outdoor elements. We use materials that are flame rated and HAZMAT safe, and our welded and sewn fabrication provides easy maintenance and long-term durability.
Auto Body Shop Curtain
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  • Retractable or Stationary
  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A or NFPA-701
  • Fabricated to Fit Your Workspace
  • PVC Vinyl Material
  • Durable, Easy to Clean

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Contain Your Auto Body Shop Equipment In Defined Areas

In order to maintain a proper auto body shop curtain wall enclosure area, it is necessary to be able to contain your auto body shop equipment (whether it is car repair equipment or truck repair equipment) in each specific area.

Some body repair, auto painting, or other collision repair processes depend on the isolation of areas due to the potential hazards that come with using one area for multiple applications. Many body shop owners consider a vinyl curtain enclosure to complete an autobody shop equipment set! Our body shop curtains are constructed with a heavy duty, durable vinyl material that can be customized to fit your auto body shop requirements. Finish off your automotive repair area with a auto body shop curtain wall system and define your equipment area.

Car Wash Curtain Systems

In the car wash industry, pressurized water sprayers, soap, chemical cleaning solutions, and other types of cleaning methods and substances are used to ensure a quality service has been provided for each car owner.

With the overspray of a pressurized sprayer, AmCraft provides an auto curtain containment solution to keep the water and chemical cleaning solutions in one area. Truck, trailer, or car washing curtains will separate each wash bay workspace from the next to prevent cross-contamination. With the customization of car wash curtain options, such as a vision panel to see through to the other side, a floor sweep to help the water reach the floor drains, filler panels and/or valances to cover the top of the curtain and upwards, and a track system that will fit your current interior structures and obstructions, AmCraft provides a complete system that will provide you with durable, industrial grade car washing curtains for your intended space. Whether your project calls for paint spray booth dividers, several wash bay areas for paint prep, car repair shop workspaces, or simply a wash down curtain area for a car wash business, AmCraft technical specialists are available to discuss options and help you implement vinyl auto curtains for your automotive bodyshop workspace needs.

Curtain Logos

Logos, lettering, warning signs and/or other graphics can be either digitally printed directly onto most vinyl curtain materials or sewn/welded onto your curtain.

Custom sizes and number of logos on the auto body shop curtain curtain walls are determined by the customer, as requested.
Curtain Logos

Flexible Enclosure Ceiling & Mount

This ceiling structure is used for with auto body shop curtain wall enclosures to comply with NESHAP Subpart 6H for Motor Vehicles and Mobile Equipment.

To create a paint booth enclosure, you can build a free-standing structure or use 1, 2, or 3 existing walls. This usually includes a flexible, reinforced clear top panel to let your existing light through.
Flexible Enclosure Ceiling and Mount

Track Systems

Depending on your mounting surfaces/environment in your body shop,

AmCraft can furnish a track system along with your curtain walls to either create a retractable or stationary enclosure system. Our reps can guide you through if you require assistance selecting from our mounting options or need a more custom system to fit your needs.
Threaded Rod Mount connector

Strip Doors

Clear strip auto curtains are used to help separate areas while still providing access points for equipment or vehicles.

While separation between the workspaces is present, it provides the additional benefit of a clear vision panel to easily observe the daily operations on the other side of the autobody curtain.
Strip Doors

Indoor/Outdoor Body Shop Curtains

When your auto curtain needs to extend to an outside environment,

AmCraft combines heavy duty vinyl and welded seam construction to weather outside elements. From spray booth drape areas to outdoor area autobody curtain wall enclosures, we have options that are tailored to fit your needs.
Heavy Duty Outdoor Curtain

Auto body work and painting, by nature, create the need for spray booth curtains. Keeping dust, water, and paint overspray where they belong is the objective.

Also, containing the auto equipment (car equipment and truck equipment included) is vital when working with several different types of metals, so as not to contaminate one area with another. With the implementation of NESHAP regulations, we see more auto body operations concerned about the fit of the wash bay / spray booth curtains. Simple curtain edge options can greatly increase the effectiveness of a shop curtain in most situations.