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PVC Strip Doors

Most PVC strip curtain materials meet the federal and international requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry, or dairy.

PVC Strip Door Curtain

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8″ wide (80mil) or 12″ wide (120mil). The transparent, flexible PVC strip doors are economical and meet requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry, or dairy.


These vinyl strips have protruding wear guards to protect the surface when forklifts or other heavy machinery move through the strip door curtains frequently.


PVC vinyl strips are used on outer edges of door opening to inform employees and improve safety. Recommended for outer edge of vinyl strip door curtains with motorized traffic.


Welding vinyl strips for strip doors a partial sight barrier against UV and blue-light radiation, specifically for welding applications. Available in red, bronze, and green. OSHA compliant.

PVC Strip Door Curtain
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Some of the food grade compliance agencies are (but not limited to): USDA, NSF, FDA, CFIA-ACIA. These compliance agencies normally regulate the following industries: Food processing facilities, Freezer and/or refrigeration storage, Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics Industries and more!


  • Easy to install, remove, and replace
  • Easy to clean
  • Use indoor or outdoor
  • Easy access for people, forklifts, carts, etc.
  • Helps to control the spread of dust and/or debris

Material Spec Sheets:

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3 Ways to Mount the Strip Door Curtain Bracket: Undermount, Wall Mount, Suspended Mount

A PVC strip curtain universal mounting bracket requires an existing frame / structure in order to under mount or wall mount for attachment. This is the most common / straight forward mounting option available for vinyl strip door curtains.

These brackets can either:

  1. Mount above the door frame or jamb
  2. Mount underneath the top portion of the frame / jamb

A threaded rod mount for the universal mounting bracket is used when there is a requirement to suspend the vinyl strip curtain from an existing frame / structure that is located a certain distance above the designated strip door area.

Calculating the Heights of the PVC Strip Curtains

Undermount: OPENING HEIGHTS (in feet and inches) minus 1.25″ = Your Strip Door Heights (ft and in)
Wall Mount: OPENING HEIGHTS (in feet and inches) = Your Strip Door Heights (ft and in)
Suspended Mount: There is a 1″ overlap with the strip door bracket and the PVC strip curtains. Please consider the 1″ overlap when you determine the heights of the strips. Also consider the 1″ floor space clearance needed so the strips do not touch the floor.

Our technical representatives are glad to work through the measurements of your situation with you.

Hook / Loop Attachment of PVC Vinyl Strips directly to the Curtain Wall

This option to attach the PVC strip door curtains directly to your AmCraft curtain wall is used in a curtain configuration that does not have an existing frame / door jamb to attach to. This vinyl strip door will attach along the top edge of the opening in the industrial curtain and is retractable along with the curtain – it does not require a universal mounting bracket (for strip doors). We provide you with a hook/loop (Velcro) system to attach the strips that create the vinyl strip curtain opening. It is easily removable and requires simple installation.

Vinyl Strip Doors

Vinyl strip doors are ready-to-hang, and flexible PVC strips are used for warehouse entrances, dock doors, distribution / cold storage rooms, as a separation between machine shop and welding areas, and for rooms that require a walk-in arrangement to an isolated area. Our vinyl strip door curtains help maintain temperature control and particle / odor containment while providing easy access to areas that have been sectioned off from other workspaces.

Features of PVC Strip Door Curtain Systems:

  • PVC strip door vinyl material is flame rated and HAZMAT safe
  • Can be used for anti-static applications
  • Ribbed vinyl strips are used when heavy traffic and/or vehicles drive through
  • Most PVC Strip doors are FDA / CFIA / USDA approved
  • Low Temperature strip doors remain flexible to -40°F
  • Rolls of Replacement PVC Strips are easy to order / DIY installation
  • Safety Orange Vinyl Strips for edges available for driver/worker safety
  • Mounting Hardware available specific to vinyl strip doors
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Standard color is clear for easy viewing and safety
  • Opaque colors are available to provide a sight barrier
  • Anti-Insect PVC Strip Door Curtains Available

Benefits of Vinyl Strip Door Curtains:

  • Easy to install, remove, and replace
  • Easy to clean
  • Use indoor or outdoor
  • Easy access for people, forklifts, carts, etc.
  • Helps to control the spread of dust and/or debris

Available in: Strip Door Curtain Kits, Bulk Rolls of Pre-Cut PVC Strips, Replacement PVC Vinyl Strips

Ask us how you can make your workspace more functional and build in the flexibility you require. We can create design layouts and provide options for all your needs!

Type of Traffic

Vinyl strip curtains and PVC strip doors are used for various types of egress and exit requirements. Heavy foot traffic, forklifts, cranes, and automobiles are some of the many types of traffic that a curtain / strip door can be subjected to. The strip door curtains allow traffic to flow as needed, but provide immediate stoppage of airflow once a vehicle or person has passed through. Easy to install and remove, there are a wide range of sizes, material thicknesses, and overlap patterns.

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