Vinyl Strip Doors & Curtains

The clear vinyl strip curtains are flexible plastic barriers made up of overlapping strips of clear PVC (poly vinyl chloride) material. The vinyl strip doors are designed to provide a transparent barrier for areas where a physical separation is needed, while still allowing visibility and easy access. The PVC strip curtains maintain consistent temperatures, prevent the spread of dust and contaminants and reduce noise levels.
PVC Strip Door Curtain
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PVC Strip Door Curtain System Features:

  • Meets CPAI-84 and California State Fire Marshal Requirements for flame resistance.
  • Available in Flat and Ribbed for heavy traffic to minimize scratches
  • Available in Low Temperature strips remain flexible to – 40°F
  • Very easy to install, remove and replace if needed
  • Used for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Most economical door option
  • Used in USDAUSDA stands for the United States Department of Agriculture, which is a federal agency responsible for developing and executing policies related to farming, agriculture, and food. The USDA is also responsible for ensuring the safety. applications manufactured with FDAFDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration, which is a federal agency responsible for regulating and supervising food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, and other products. The FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of these products, as well as promoting public health through various initiatives and programs. approved ingredients
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Standard PVC Strip Curtains & Dividers

We offer the Standard Flat PVC Strip Dividers in three thicknesses and width 80 mil. In 8″ width, 120 mil. In 12″ width and 160 mil. In 16″ width. The standard flat vinyl strip doors are the most transparent, which allows you easily to see the activities on the other side of the vinyl strip curtains.
  • PVC strip curtains offer the most cost-effective solution for creating a pass-through opening.
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Low Temperature Strips

Our LOW TEMPERATURE PVC Strip Dividers are manufactured using USDA and FDA approved materials, making them ideal for use in the food processing industries of both the United States and Canada. These strips are designed to maintain their dimensional stability and flexibility in a wide temperature range of -50° F to 140° F, making them ideal for use in sub-zero environments.
  • Approved also by the National Sanitation Foundation
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Tinted welding Strips and Black Opaque

Our tinted welding strips are specifically designed for use in welding booths, as well as spraying, grinding, and sandblasting enclosures. These strips are made from fire-retardant, highly transparent vinyl that blocks over 99% of harmful UV radiation, including UV radiation. Additionally, our welding strips provide effective noise insulation, preventing loud noises from disturbing neighboring areas.
  • It is important to note that this product should not be used as a replacement for authorized eye protection, which should be worn at all times.
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There 3 ways to mount the Universal Strip Door Brackets.

Blue 1

Wall Mount or Face Mount

Under Mount or Header Mount

Wall Mount Illustration
The Wall mount and the Under mount are the most commonly used ways of mounting the strip doors. The brackets are also available in stainless steel. The Brackets come in: 3, 4, 5 and 6 foot sections. Additionally the brackets can also be ordered with out the under mount or header mount channel, which works well in trucks and other special situations where there is no room for that upper lip.

Suspend the Universal Strip Door Bracket from your existing structure above.

A threaded rod mount for the universal mounting bracket is used when there is a requirement to suspend the vinyl strip curtain from an existing structure.

Universal Strip Door Bracket
Universal Bracket Hardware

Strip Door Velcro attached to the Door cut out in the curtain.

The velcro attached strips are mostly used for smaller passthroughs with not to much activity.
Strip Door Illustration Instructions

Instructions how to velcro attach the strips

The clear strips have velcro hook sewn onto the top edge on both sides. The top edge of the door cut out in the curtain has velcro loop sewn on to both sides. Start to attach on the left or right side of the sewn on velcro loop on the curtain, by lining up the first strip with the velcro end. Leave a 4″ space if you have 8″ wide strips with a 50% overlap. Leave a 4″ space if you have 12″ wide strips with a 66.66% overlap. Leave a 8″ space if you have 12″ wide strips with a 33.33% overlap.
After the space place on other strip on the same side till the end of the loop velcro on the front side of the curtain. (Strip – Space – Strip – Space – Strip – and so on.) Go to the back side of the curtain and center all the remaining strips into the empty spaces, creating an overlap between the strips. There are 2 Filler Hook/Hook pieces which are used to cover up the loop velcro ends on the curtain for the cover strip to stick to. Now take the 2 cover strips which has loop velcro sewn onto the back side and press that cover strip on the front and back side over all the velcro connection to give the velcro attached strips in the curtain a nice finish.

Available in various sizes, thicknesses, and configurations to suit different applications.

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