AmCraft Industrial Curtain Walls

Choosing the right material for your application is our job.

Our curtain wall systems are primarily used in industrial settings and are made to last. Industrial curtains are always required for a reason. Preferred application groups for our industrial curtain dividers are listed below. Click on the pictures below to find out more details about each of our industrial curtain wall systems.

Warehouse Curtains

Weld View Curtains

Custom Logo Curtains

Curtain Enclosures

Automotive Curtain Walls

Create a separate space to repair, sand, paint wash and photograph vehicles in your car shop or dealership facility. Because these industrial curtain dividers are made with vinyl fabric, they are easy to clean and can withstand a lot of use, making them perfect for this type of environment.

Aluminum Repair Shop

Auto Body Shop Curtains

Paint Booth Curtains

Photo Backdrop Curtains

Specialty Curtains

In addition to our standard industrial curtain walls, we offer industrial curtains made with specialty or custom fabrics for you specific application. Electronics manufacturing, liquid metal work, outdoor applications, and agricultural settings all require customization and detail orientation to ensure that the industrial curtain walls perform as needed.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Curtains

Custom Industrial Curtains

Commercial Barn Curtains

Anti-Static/ESD Curtains

Agricultural Curtains

High Temperature Curtains

Stock Curtains & Hardware

Food Processing & Food Storage Curtains

AmCraft’s FDA and USDA compliant
industrial curtain dividers and track hardware systems can be configured to comply with the requirements and food safety standards of various agencies.

Social Distance Separation Curtain Panels

In a food processing plant or in other manufacturing settings where people have to work closer than 6ft. of each other. These help to protect employees from
germs and other contaminants, and keep workplaces safe and comfortable for all.

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