Welding Frame Options

Portable frames with weld view panels

18-gauge steel; black rust-resistant enamel-finish square tube

3/4" tube frame
with easy slide connections

1" tube frame
with with Quick Snap connections

There is a minimum order on frames of $ 250.00 per order

Connecting 2 panels

connecting 2 panels
connecting 2 panels


t connection


No Casters

no casters

Fix Casters

Swivel Casters

Swivel & Lock


Frame Sizes:

Dimensions are interchangeable as height or width

4 feet X 5 feet

4 feet X 6 feet

6 feet X 6 feet

6 feet X 8 feet

8 feet X 8 feet

6 feet X 10 feet

It is possible to order just the frame or just the screen material.

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Tired of the portable frames cluttering your workspace?
Opt for retractable or stationary solutions for a more spacious and efficient setup.

For a larger retractable or stationary enclosure, we suggest suspending the curtains from your existing ceiling using one of our track systems, thoughtfully designed to accommodate your ceiling structure. We are prepared to assist you in creating a fitting enclosure for your welding operations.
Welding curtain