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Outdoor Industrial Curtains

Made EXTRA STRONG for outside conditions

AmCraft’s heavy duty industrial outdoor curtains are designed to with hold most weather conditions. These specialized curtains are not intended to replace exterior walls or solid overhead doors. However, when reinforced at the fastening points and retrofitted with wind vents, the Outdoor Vinyl curtain can provide a temporary or permanent divider or enclosure.
Heavy Duty Outdoor Curtain


  • Less expensive and cumbersome than building a wall
  • Reinforcement at anchor points
  • Replaceable window panels
  • Retractable or Stationary mount
  • Wind relief options

Made to fit and constructed to last

Outside heavy duty curtain
Asphalt conveyor curtain

Wind relief options

Wind is the heavy duty curtain biggest enemy. To relieve the stress on the anchor points we recommend one of our wind relief options. Depending on the expected weather conditions around the curtain we will help you to choose from the following:


U-cut wind relief
U-Cut 4.75″ high x 6.5″ wide to provide wind relief . This U-Cuts are spread out the curtain surface to let strong winds through.

Mesh insert with solid flap on the back side.

This a very effective wind relief option. It works if you have the winds just coming from one side. Mostly used for enclosures. The flap hangs vertically down when there is no wind. From the front side you do see the black 12″ high mesh material.

Top Mounting Options

Retractable Mount on a Track System

Retractable outdoor curtain
Track System is available in galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Or on a Stationary mount

Asphalt conveyor curtain2
top mount of outdoor curtain
Either directly mounted to your existing structure or onto Unistruts also available in Stainless Steel.

Side Mounting Options

There are many ways to mount the sides to a structure, depending on if the sides need to be permanently attached or if the side edges need to be open.
Outdoor curtain bolted to upright
Bolted to the an
existing upright.
Air-Tight Sealing On The Edges
Velcro attachment
Outdoor curtain tied to upright
Tied with rope or tie downs to a vertical post.
Retractable outdoor curtain
These are Turn Buckle Grommets, they consist of a male unit (which screws into a frame) and the oval grommet part called the female unit.
Please talk to one of our sales experts to find the best way to attach to your structure.

Bottom Mount Options

The D-Ring options are chosen if it is necessary to move the curtain from time to time.
Floor attachment strap
This Velcro strap loops through an anchored D-Ring. This allows you to tighten the curtain down as needed.
Angle floor mount
This bottom edge is mounted down permanently with an angle extrusion. The Curtain is placed between the ground and the angle.
reinforced bottom hem with grommets
The curtain has a reinforced bottom hem with grommets placed roughly every 5′. The carbineers allow for easy attaching and detaching.

Vertical Reinforcement Straps

Grommet on top of reinforcement strap
With Top to bottom reinforcement straps, the curtain can be tightened onto the D- Rings anchored into the ground. The reinforcement strips were added to the curtain in a more effective manner than sewing them directly to the curtain. We stitch the webbing straps to a vinyl strap and weld the vinyl strap to the curtain to prevent perforating the curtain fabric with stitch holes. In this manner, the stress is not applied to the sewn stitches but is distributed along the welded seams
Unfortunately there will be eventually some wear and tear on the Outdoor Curtains because of weather conditions. The material has UV protection, but colors may still fade if directly exposed to the sun for a long period of time. We recommend keeping the panels smaller so if a weather damage appears you would only have to replace the damaged section.

AmCraft offers a flexibility in construction

Because we manufacture our products in house, we can adjust the construction of our Outdoor Curtains to your application. Common alterations include:
  • Custom pass throughs with magnets or zippers
  • Wind reliefs placed were the curtains are mostly exposed to the winds
  • Replaceable windows where most needed
  • Reinforcements where you expect most wear and tear
The Radio Frequency welded seam construction of the curtain wall enhances the durability and performance, which can help resist exposure to the weather elements while serving as a much needed barrier for your operations.

A few of the most common industries and application for AmCraft's Outdoor Curtains are:

  • Outside Asphalt production
  • Outside Storage
  • Car Wash Curtains
  • Auto Body Shop Curtains
  • Shipping & Receiving Dock Door Curtains
  • and more!
If you plan to use the industrial curtain for a completely outdoor application or as a permanent replacement for solid doors or walls, note that there are no official ratings and/or certifications on the ability to withstand natural disasters, inclement weather, extreme outdoor temperatures, strong winds, precipitations, flooding, and any other acts of God not listed. Such uses are not recommended. AmCraft will offer recommendations for proper storage and care of the product prior to such an event, but there is no guarantee that it will be able to withstand extreme conditions. It is important to relay as much detail about the environment of the industrial curtain’s location as possible to our technical support specialist in order to gauge available options and recommendations for your outdoor curtain wall project. AmCraft technical specialists are available to assist you with finding solutions for your industrial curtain needs. Contact us today!