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Our Insulated Industrial Warehouse Curtains are available in multiple R-Values to optimize your temperature zoning. The Insulated Warehouse Curtains act like an expansive vertical blanket. The thickness of the Insulated Commercial Curtain Walls is important, the higher the R-Value, the less air needs to be pumped into your temperature zone, saving you energy and money.

Choose from 5 insulated industrial curtain thicknesses!

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Insulated Soft Wall Curtains
Insulated Soft Wall Curtains
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Insulated Semi-Soft Wall Curtains
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Insulated Soft Wall Curtains
Insulated Soft Wall Curtains
Insulated Semi-Soft Wall Curtains
Insulated Semi-Soft Wall Curtains
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Insulated Industrial Curtains

Two important assessments before choosing thermal insulated curtain thickness which fits best your application and your space:

1. Assess the desired temperature differential between the temperature-controlled area and the ambient temperature.
2. As important as the R-value is, we must address how the edges are attached to the building interior and sealed.
This temperature difference will determine the R-value requirement to maintain the desired temperature difference. Since R-value calculations are based on the temperature zoning from one side of an insulated industrial curtains to the other side, we should cover the adequate conditioned air issue. The next step will address the sealing of all edges of the insulated curtain walls to the interior structure of your building.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

AmCraft manufactures industrial thermal insulated curtains meant for large scale manufacturing applications. While projects can varry greatly in scale we do not provide services for small scale applciations such as in a home or room in a house.
Depending on the R value that you need to meet, insulation thickness ranges from 1" thick to 6" thick. These thicknesses are measured before the insulation is encased in the vinyl curtain shell. Due to the way that these curtains are made , some of the insulation may be slightly compressed when fully enclosed in the sewn and radio frequency welded outer layers of the curtain.
We want to be sure that we offer an Insulated Curtain that can meet each customer's needs. The temperature differential- defined as the difference between the desired temperature inside of the enclosed space versus the ambient temperature of the building- is the deciding factor on how thick the insulation needs to be.
There are several factors to consider here. The first would be keeping the room sealed off. The more air tight a temperature barrier is, the more effective it will be. This may include using floor sweeps in the bottom of the curtain, Velcro on the side edges, and filler panels with valances on the top. All of these options ensure that there are minimal, if any, gaps in the curtain installation. The second factor to consider is the air that you are putting into the room. Both the temperature of the conditioned air and the CFM (or the quantity) of the conditioned air pumped into this space will play a high role in how well you can achieve your temperature goals.
Unfortunately, we cannot. Our expertise is limited to the curtain walls that we fabricate, and we cannot advise on HVAC system or requirements. We would highly recommend that you work with an experienced mechanical contractor or HVAC engineer to determine the air input needs of your space.
We offer 4 different thicknesses of retractable curtains and 5 different thicknesses of stationary curtains. These options offer temperature differences between 22° and 60° depending on the thickness of the curtain.
This would depend on what product you are looking at. For our thinner curtain options, we tend to fall in the middle of the price continuum we are on with our competitors. For the thicker curtains, no other manufacturer makes the insulated curtains as thick, or as high, or retractable, so there is not a good comparison out there. While price is very important, the other question to ask is how our quality compares to that of our competitors. In that category, we are second to none. We are known for our attention to detail, our high quality workmanship, our ability to meet customers specific project and lead time requirements, and our outstanding, personalized customer service.
Life expectancy depends on the environment that the curtains are in, however even in tough environments, we expect that the curtains should survive and function for 10+ years. As an example, we have customer that have these curtains hung for over 20 years. Our curtain products also carry a 6 year warranty (the longest in the industry!) on materials and workmanship.
AmCraft offers several egress options. Which option best fits your needs depends on the size of the egress, what will be moving through the doorway, and the project's budget. Our most common egress options are a retractable curtain, which can be moved to the side, or a strip door within their curtain wall. You can find all egress options on our website, or our sales team will be happy to find the perfect passthrough option for your application.
AmCraft does not install the curtain walls. These systems are made to be very user friendly. Additionally, each order is shipped with thorough installation instructions. We are also on hand via phone to answer any and all installation related questions. A majority of our customers install themselves, or have an in house crew or contractor that install these. We also offer installation references through our installation partner companies, which are spread out within the United States. Our Sales Team will make sure we find the best Installer for your facility and location.
Yes, the Insulated Curtains can be used outside. It is important that your sales associate knows that you plan to use this outside, so that they can suggest modifications to the construction, if necessary. Please note that while the Insulated Curtains can be used outdoors, we cannot warranty them. This is because we cannot control the outdoor elements that the curtains will be exposed to. Wind, water, and direct sunlight can be harsh on the sewn construction and PVC vinyl outer layers of the Insulated Curtains.
R-Value is a heat/cold flow resistance measurement. R value, as defined by standard ASTM C168, is: “Resistance, thermal, n: the quantity determined by the temperature difference, at steady state, between two defined surfaces of a material or construction that induces a unit heat flow through a unit area.” Basically, R value measures the resistance to heat transfer across/through a given barrier. The higher the R-Value of a barrier, the more resistant it will be to a temperature change. Thicker materials have a higher R-Value than thinner materials. That is way AmCraft offers several thicknesses of Insulated Thermal Curtains to offer you the ideal R Value for your application.

Experience the Difference

  • We offer variety of R-Values
  • 5 different thicknesses (Standard 1″ all the way to 4.75″ (and more if needed)
  • Sloped top edges to match your existing structure or roofline
  • Certain varieties of the insulated curtain walls can go up to 40 feet which is not offered by any other manufacturer
  • AmCrafted by AmCraft, because we manufacture all our products we have control over construction and lead time.
  • You will always be able to talk to a live person which will take the time to develop the optimal solution for your application.
  • We cut no corners with material choices all materials have the ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating.
  • Excellent workmanship


R-4 R-5 R-8 R-9 R-10 R-12 R-16 R-25
ILLUSTRATION Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration
MAX HEIGHT 25 ft 40 ft 25 ft 40 ft 15 ft 35 ft 20 ft 30 ft 24 ft
MAX TEMP. DIF. 22° F 25° F 32° F 35° F 40° F 45° F 50° F 50° F 60° F
INNER INSULATION THICKNESS 1” 1” 2” Compressed 2” 3” Compressed 3” 4” 4” 2” Rigid + 4” Soft Compressed
CONNECTIBLE PANEL WIDTHS 58” 57” 57” 57” 56” 57” 16.75” 54.875” or 24.75” 53” or 22.5” wide
WEIGHT PER sq/ft 0.30 lbs 0.30 lbs 0.40 lbs 0.40 lbs 0.50 lbs 0.50 lbs 0.60 lbs 0.60 lbs 1 lbs
10 FT. WIDE CURTAIN RETRACTS TO 8” thick 12” thick 16” thick 28” thick
ACCORDION FOLD WIDTH 14.5” 14.25” 14” 16.75”
All materials are ASTM E-84 Class A and NFPA-701

Fiberglass Free Materials - no skin irritation



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Insulated Commercial Curtain Walls

Insulated warehouse curtain applications require a specific level of insulation to be effective for their use. Most of our insulated divider curtains options provide retract ability for easy accessibility to equipment or into work areas. See our options of light, medium, and heavy insulation to determine the level of insulation you need, and whether industrial insulated curtains are an option for your requirement. Temperature control curtains are easy to install in most facilities, although professional installation may be required for customized applications
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Save Energy and Save Money

Energy costs are reduced by isolating work areas into specific temperature zones. The high cost of heating and cooling large industrial facilities is reduced using industrial temperature control curtains. In just a short time, the energy savings cover the cost of the curtains. Over time, it is an investment that not only makes economic sense, but provides immediate benefits for controlling operational costs and productivity.

Industrial applications for insulated curtain walls and insulated thermal panels include (but are not limited to):

  • Separate temperature controlled warehouse space
  • Containment for storage and work space
  • Food processing plants
  • Walk-in coolers and Freezers
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Cold storage freezers
  • Provides limited noise control
Insulated warehouse curtains retain the climate requirements necessary to store and produce temperature-sensitive products. The insulating divider curtains AmCraft manufactures can be installed within a matter of days and is available a fraction of the cost, providing industrial facilities, plants, and factories the benefits that save both time and money.

R-Value in Industrial Thermal Curtain Walls

An R-value is a measure of thermal resistance for certain types of construction material. R-value is the most commonly used gauge to measure heat and cooling loss as well as retention within thermal curtain wall structures and thermal industrial curtain enclosures. R-value is expressed in an easy-to-understand, numerical scale that rates materials according to their ability to insulate. The numerical scale begins with 1 (very little insulation) to well over 35 (universally recognized as a benchmark for sufficient, insulated and permanent construction).

To determine the necessary R-value, we must first understand the customer’s requirements, the desired temperature differential, and then present the most viable options to help the customer design a temperature control warehouse curtain system specifically for the space needs.

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Edge Sealing

AmCraft has edge sealing solutions for each of our thermal insulating divider curtains that are compatible with all types of interior building construction. Edge sealing facilitates an airtight seal where the insulated curtains connect to the interior of your structure. Edge sealing is most important on the top and bottom because of the impact of what is called the convection effect.