Edge Sealing

Wall Velcro Curtain Mount

To make sure the adhesive velcro sticks to the wall, we strongly recommend cleaning the area where you attend to apply the adhesive velcro to. On the vertical curtain edges is a sewn on velcro strip which will match the velcro on the wall.

Our insulated and acoustic curtains are constructed differently than the single layer curtains. The velcro sewn to the right vertical side is behind thick materials. For those curtains we will provide you with a Wall attachment strip for the right side of the curtain section.

Wall Bracket Curtain Mount
Other possibilities to attach the sides to a wall or existing structure:
Magnet flap on both sides. The magnets sewn into the curtain edges attached to a magnetic surface on the wall. AmCraft does not provide the magnetic wall surface, just the magnets in the curtain.
Reinforced 2″ wide flaps with webbing and Grommets put in every 12″ on center. Those Grommet holes can be used to tie the curtain edge to a post or beam by using zip ties or rope.

Make the Bottom edge of the Curtain air tight.

removable Floor Sweep

Using a replaceable floor sweep. The floor sweep works well for retractable and stationary curtains. The floor sweeps are made out of 18oz. PVC coated Polyester material. The Floor sweep is removable so if a retractable curtain gets moved a lot and the floor sweep wears out, it can be replaced.

Angle floor mount
Mounting an angle iron to the floor and sandwich the curtain material between the floor and the one side of the angle iron. This is just used for the stationary curtains not for the retractable curtains. Instead of a solid angle Iron shown on this picture a slotted angle works as well.

Close up the area above the curtains

Most of the curtain panels retractable or stationary get suspended from the existing structure. The suspension creates an open space above the track for retractable curtains or the Unistrut for the stationary curtains.

For all three types of curtains AmCraft manufactures, Single Layer, Insulated, or Acoustic Curtains we offer a Filler Panel system which includes a valance overlapping with the curtain, hiding the curtain hardware from the front side.

Filler panels can have a straight top edge for leveled roof structures or slopped top edges for sloped roof structures.

Our sales team will help you to get the right type of filler panel for your application.

Front view of the Filler Panel


Back View of a Filler Panel

If we know the exact slop dimensions we can cut the slop into the filler panel. Sometimes the customer decides the installer cuts the slope into the Filler.

In most cases the filler has to be slit from the top to the bottom of an obstruction and taped back together with our 6″ wide very strong vinyl tape. Not all colors are available in the tape.