Industrial Thermal Curtains & Warehouse Curtains

R4 value, R5 value industrial thermal curtain work best to your benefits if you seal off all the edges around the curtains. By sealing the edges you can prevent air leaks and improve the insulation performance of the curtain wall. This means that your heating or cooling system will not have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in lower energy bills and increased energy efficiency.

R-4 & R-5 Insulated Soft Wall
R4 & R5
R-4 & R-5 Insulated Soft Wall
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Product Features

  • Retractable available up to 25′ high
  • Stationary available up to 40′ high.
  • Used for Temp. Differences up to 25°
  • 1″ thick with a R4 to R5 value
  • Weight per s/f 0.30 lbs.
  • All edges are airtight sealable
  • Door Options
  • AmCrafted in the United States
Insulated Soft Wall Curtains
R4 & R5
R-4 & R-5 Insulated Soft Wall

Temp Dif. 22° to 25° F

Insulated Soft Wall Curtains R8 & R9

Temp Dif. 32° to 35° F

Insulated Semi-Soft Wall Curtains R10 & R12

Temp Dif. 40° to 45° F

Insulated Semi-Soft Wall Curtains R16

Temp Dif. 50° to 55° F

Insulated Rigid Wall

Temp Dif. 60° F

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What are R4 & R5 Insulated Curtain Walls?

We use 1″ thick insulation in our R4 & R5 insulated curtains.
The R4 are retractable industrial insulated curtains each 57″ wide panel has 4 each 14.5″ wide vertical chambers which allow the panels to be pushed into a accordion fold. Those chambers are divided with a vertical lock stitch line. The insulation in the chamber gets a little compressed. As soonest the insulation gets compressed you loose some of the thickness of the insulation and that compression gives the retractable curtains a R4 value.

The R5 are stationary industrial insulated curtains each section is 58″ wide and has a vertical velcro connection option to reach the needed width of the complete curtain wall. The 1″ thick insulation layer is continues, uninterrupted and not compressed. Which allows for a R5 value industrial insulated warehouse curtain.

A 1″ thick industrial insulated curtains can provide several benefits in industrial settings, such as warehouses, factories, and distribution centers.

The R4 and R5 industrial insulated curtains improve the overall temperature control, make your work space more comfortable for your employees and prevents heat or cold from escaping.

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