Social Distancing Separation Panels

Sneeze Buddy™ Social Distance Separation Panels

AmCraft Manufacturing fabricates a solution for employers to provide a clear work or activity space divider that can be hung between people when the six feet social distancing precautionary guideline is not possible.

Hanging Sneeze Buddy Panels
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Industrial or Activity

While many employees who work in an office have been able to transition to working from home, this is not the case of employees in an industrial and manufacturing environment. The use of machinery, tools, and required access to communal property, makes it essential for these workers to be onsite at their jobs. The Sneeze Buddy ™ Social Distance Separation Panel allows for workers to continue performing their duties at the workplace, while also being safe and protected.

Office or Public building

Space division in these settings is perhaps the trickiest to figure out, because these places are often used for a variety of different functions. Sneeze Buddy social distancing curtains are light weight and easy to reconfigure and move. The social distancing curtains makes them ideal for protecting individual desks or separate workspaces, as well as defining personal space in a public building such as a medical office or municipal facility. Their uses are as flexible as the material that they are made with; the possibilities are endless!

Free Standing Modular Frames

Mounting the Sneeze Buddy Panel to frames allows for them to be used in almost any setting. The frames can have casters on them for ease of moving around a facility. These frames can also be connected to each other to make an “L” shaped, “U” shaped, “W” shaped, or square enclosure. Whether they are needed in a school, office, doctor’s office, or anywhere else, there is a frame and a configuration that will meet your needs.

Watch & Learn How a Sneeze Buddy™ Panel is Made

Maintain Social Distancing & Protect Personal Space


Sneeze Buddy™ Social Distance Separation Panels are hung between people working next to each other, either on a production line or in an environment that requires duties to be performed within close proximity of other workers.

AmCraft Manufacturing constructs these panels in custom heights and widths. The clear material is available in different thicknesses, in addition to added safety applications such as: Fire Ratings, UV Resistance, Food Grade, Anti-Bacterial Protection, and more!

Sneeze Buddy™ Social Distance Separation Panels are hung using Grommets/Eyelets, which are available in brass or stainless steel.

The bulk packaging is handled with care to ensure that the panels aren’t scratched or damaged during shipping.

For a creative solution to your workplace social distancing challenges, hang AmCraft’s Sneeze Buddy™ Panels between work or activity spaces.

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