Acoustic Baffle Wall Panel

We have recently unveiled a new Acoustic Baffle Wall Panel that our customers are really excited about. Prior to the unveiling, when a customer requested wall baffles, typically the standard sizes were 4′ x 2′ or 4′ x 4′ with a 2″ thickness. It would take numerous baffles to cover a large wall using those standard sizes. In addition, installing that many baffles would not only be a costly initiative, but it would also require drilling a LOT of holes.

Our new Noise-Absorbing Wall Baffles

are constructed at a standard width of 27″ or 28″ wide and can reach incredible heights with minimal restrictions. Mounting has been simplified as well. Our customers can mount the panels at the top with an optional bottom mount if they choose. This design enables you to cover more area which ultimately means fewer holes. In the process of creating the new Acoustic Baffle Wall Panel, we have also improved the NRC rating due to the thickness of the baffles, as they are now closer to 3″ thick instead of 2″ thick.
Acoustic baffle wall panel
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Many sound baffles in the marketplace are constructed with wooden frames which creates size limitations when shipping. Our new lightweight design now makes it easier to ship. We have designed this new wall baffle using all soft material. That’s right, no wooden frames are used in the construction of these baffles. This key feature not only enables them to be rolled up and placed on pallets to ship, but it is also an instrumental factor to the increased NRC rating.

Baffles should inherently be constructed using soft materials because sound can bounce off of any hard surface and create an echo which can result in a lower NRC rating. By eliminating the use of wooden frames and increasing the thickness, not only have we improved the NRC rating of our Acoustic Wall Baffles, but we have also reduced shipping costs and increased the height potential. Now the sky is the limit!

Contact us today and connect with one of our Acoustic Curtain Wall and Baffles Specialists to learn more about how AmCraft’s noise blocking solutions are a sound choice for your facility!