Strip Door Brackets Hardware


  • Robust and heavy-duty, available in Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Available in 3′, 4′ and 5′ sections, including with retaining plates and locknuts to ensure a secure and reliable installation.
  • See below the mounting options.

Quick Mount Bracket

Aluminum Material

PVC Material

Strip Door Hardware Mount

Quick Mount

Strip Door Hardware Mount
  • The strips are very easy to mount and remove.
  • The plastic strip door bracket is really easy to be cut to the needed width.
  • The quick mount hardware has the same mounting options as the Universal mounting system.
  • Available in 2′ sections

There are 3 ways to mount the Universal Strip Door Brackets.

The Wall mount and the Ceiling mount are the most commonly used ways of mounting the strip doors. The brackets are also available in stainless steel. The Universal Strip Door Brackets come in: 3, 4, 5 and 6 foot sections. Additionally the brackets can also be ordered with out the ceiling mount lip, which works well in trucks and other special situations where there is no room for that horizontal piece.
Blue 1

Wall Mount or Face Mount

Under Mount or Header Mount

Wall Mount Illustration

Suspend the Universal Strip Door Bracket from your existing structure above.

There may be various reasons to suspend a strip door bracket, especially if obstructions above the intended area make it challenging to install the door, or if the building structure is sloped. If you plan to hang the strip door more than 5.5 feet or in a high-traffic area with vehicle passage, we recommend using slotted angles or Unistrut to suspend the brackets. To prevent hardware movement during traffic, we recommend bracing the suspension in all four directions.
Universal Strip Door Bracket
Universal Bracket Hardware