Case Study: Enclosing a Noisy Press


The intent of the Trane Technologies’ engineering and maintenance staff is to enclose a noisy press which needs to have crane access to change the press dies and perform other work on the press.

The press is so loud that the employees around the press do have to wear ear protection.

The goal was to enclose the noise and give the employees and the crane easy access into the enclosure.


Why did Trane Technologies order the acoustic industrial curtain walls from AmCraft Manufacturing and not from one of the other acoustic panel Companies?


Case Study Trane Crane
“There were several reasons why we ordered from AmCraft Manufacturing; one enormous benefit is that AmCraft’s acoustic curtain is Retractable and offers a double block system and built-in absorption padding on the inside of the enclosure facing the noise source. In addition, to be able to retract the panels with ease, makes the employees work flow a lot more efficient and less cumbersome without having to dissemble the panels and retract the panels for the crane access.”
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Even though the curtains are retractable, there was no interruption in the sound blocking materials. The way that they are reinforced on the top to support all the weight is constructed to last.

They also chose the PVC coated material for the outside because they needed the material to be easily cleaned. Previously, they used other cloth type acoustic panels and those just can’t be cleaned as well and fray after a while. The metal particles would attach to the employees clothes often when they came in contact.

Finally, the client said they ordered from AmCraft due to the outstanding customer service support throughout the whole process from design all the way to installation. The client already has plans to use the AmCraft Acoustic enclosure for other Trane Technology Location.

The enclosure is designed large enough to allow enough room to maneuver the crane for the employees to set up the press and do maintenance.


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