Food Grade Track System

Food Grade Clear Curtain

A completely food safe, modular tracking system. Say hello to the last track set up that you’ll ever need to buy!

Food Grade Track System 

– Benefits:
  • Food grade track system made completely of stainless steel and FDA approved Delrin Designed so that flat, horizontal surfaces are minimized, making it harder for dust and debris to get caught up and collect.
  • At 1-5/8” outer diameter, the cylindrical track is the perfect middle ground. Size wise, it falls in between the other most common food-grade tracks. It is heavy duty enough to stand up to the harshest environments but not so heavy duty as to drive up cost unnecessarily.
  • The revolutionary design of the connection points combines attaching to the track together with supporting the track from the structure above. And as a bonus, the one-of-a-kind internal connection makes positioning track pieces and connecting them simple and food safe.

Looking for a food-grade curtain? View our FDA/USDA curtain here.

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