Industrial Curtain Enclosures

AmCraft offers three industrial curtain wall enclosure options: Floor-to-Ceiling Soft Wall Enclosures, Suspended Soft Wall Enclosures, and Free Standing Soft Wall Enclosures. We can help you choose the curtain wall enclosure that best suits your intended use, facility’s configuration and structural needs.
In order to maintain the integrity of a system, the combined details of an industrial curtain enclosure project generally help our team to determine if an engineer will assist with the structural design. We work closely with a structural engineer to provide 2D or 3D technical drawings, load calculations, an accurate cost breakdown, and any additional advice pertaining to your requirements.

Industrial curtain enclosures serve a purpose of isolating a given area in order to facilitate a certain function and/or operational process within your workspace. Some of the most common industrial uses for an enclosure are to shield areas/workers from noise, properly insulate an enclosed area, to create a cleanroom enclosure, blocking light and/or dust, NESHAP compliance for auto body shops, and other applications across various industries.


  • Retractable or Stationary
  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A or NFPA-701
  • Fabricated to Fit Your Workspace
  • PVC Vinyl Material
  • Durable, Easy to Clean
Curtain Enclosure
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Some of the Material Options include…

  • Low outgassing flexible walls
  • Static Dissipative Strip Curtains
  • Flame-Rated Rigid or Softwalls
  • Sound-Blocking/Absorbing Panels
  • Thermal Wall and Ceiling Systems
  • Anti-microbial Wall/Ceiling Vinyl Materials
  • FDA/NSF Rated Wall/Ceiling Flexible PVC Materials

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Option #1: Floor-to-Ceiling Soft Wall Enclosure

  • The most economical industrial curtain enclosure option
  • Uses your existing ceiling and can accommodate most obstructions
  • Custom panels can seal to your roof deck
  • Curtain enclosure sides can be retractable or stationary
  • Does not block existing lighting, fire detection & suppression systems
  • Quantity and location of access points (entry/exit) fits your needs
  • No size limitation on the enclosure

*May require filler panels to seal open trusses to optimize edge sealing.

Floor to Ceiling Enclosure

Option #2: Suspended Soft Wall Enclosure

  • Has a suspended metal grid to support a soft ceiling cover
  • Can be located against a wall or in a corner
  • Sliding industrial track system and/or fixed mounting system available
  • You determine the height of enclosure ceiling
Enclosure Suspended with Threaded Rod
Suspended 6’ or less with threaded rod (from the bottom of joists).
Enclosure suspended with Angle Iron
Suspended 6’ or more with slotted angle iron.Diagonal bracing needed for stabilization.
Enclosure Using Existing Walls
How to use 1,2, or 3 of your existing walls to create a curtain enclosure. Depending on the physical size, it may be necessary to support from the existing ceiling to the ceiling grid cross points.

Option #3: Free Standing Soft Wall Enclosure

  • Has a partially-suspended support grid for a flexible vinyl ceiling cover
  • Free-standing and floor-supported
  • Retractable and fixed (stationary) mounting options
  • Can be located anywhere in your building
Free Standing Enclosure

Industrial Curtain Enclosures for Noise

Industrial curtain enclosures that block noise can increase productivity by isolating the source of the noise, protecting workers from distracting sounds, and also to meet OSHA requirements of noise reduction. Another use for curtain wall enclosures would be the reverse usage – enclosing a designated area so the ambient sound outside of the enclosure does not interfere with the interior processes. For more information on this type of enclosure, please go to: Noise Control Enclosures.

Enclosure With Air Filters

Insulated Curtain Enclosures for Air Management

Insulated curtain enclosures are most effective when edge sealing options are employed, creating an airtight environment that eliminate air flow and enhances temperature control. A framed enclosure system builds the flexibility to create not only an insulated environment, but also a separation of an enclosed workspace from the rest of your much larger area.
Curtain Enclosure

Industrial Curtain Walls for Cleanrooms

A softwall cleanroom enclosure typically consists a metal frame / structure, which can be mobile or stationary, covered with a flexible, non-porous vinyl skin. Entry and exit points, as well as configuration, are discretionary. The available material options for the flexible vinyl “skin” are typically dictated by your requirement. Most applications are more effectively handled with an enclosed top type of construction. All AmCraft enclosure curtains have the standard 2ft x 4ft or 2ft x 2ft grid type ceiling construction so as to accept standard lighting, filtration, and ventilation units.

Once the curtain walls have been attached securely to the structure, the finished product will effectively enclose an area, creating a workspace that is easy to maintain and reconfigurable, if necessary. Available sizes range from 8ft x 8ft to 20ft x 40ft. We urge you to check with your local fire authority relative to the viability of the enclosure curtain system you envision.

Agriculture Enclosure

Enclosure Solutions for Manufacturing

AmCraft Manufacturing fabricates industrial curtain enclosures and industrial cleanrooms for a wide range of manufacturing requirements. To help you best, we need to know the following:
  • The Desired Air Quality Level
    Can be an informal description of your situation.
  • The Required Temperature and Humidity Levels
    IF applicable.
  • The Surrounding Environment
    A description of the applicable interior construction.
  • The Amount of Controlled Environment Space you Need
    Height and Footprint.
  • Entry and Exit Frequency and Positions
    Where are your access points, and how many do you need?
  • The Intended Operation / Specific Process for the Enclosure
    What is the curtain enclosure being used for? What purpose does it serve?
  • Does the area currently have a sprinkler system?
    Your local fire authority is the best source of information.
  • Location of the Curtain Enclosure relative to Existing Walls
    Will the enclosure be attached to existing walls at any point or freestanding?
Enclosure With Filler Panel
Noise Control Enclosure
Automotive Enclosure

Entry & Exit Options

  • Strip Doors
    Flexible PVC strips that overlap for maximum closure.
  • Swinging Impact Doors
    Solid, two-way swinging doors that open upon push or pull impact.
  • Sliding Doors
    Doors that slide from side to side for access when needed.
  • Hinged Locking Doors
    Solid, one-way doors that lock for security.

Enclosure Assembly

Most AmCraft industrial curtain enclosures are at a standard height (8ft high) and are easily erected with 2-3 people and basic tools. All components can be modular, which builds in flexibility. Attachment of the flexible vinyl curtains to the curtain enclosure assembly is included and encloses the given area effectively. Airtight edge sealing options are also available. Below are pictures of an application that required industrial insulated curtain walls for an enclosure. Other enclosure applications are:

  • Welding Curtain Enclosure
  • PVC Strip Curtain Enclosure
  • Clear Vinyl Enclosure
  • Acoustic Curtain Enclosures
  • Industrial Cleanroom Enclosure
  • Industrial Insulated Curtain Enclosure
  • Automotive Repair Enclosure
  • Paint Booth Enclosure
  • And more!
Hardware For Free Standing Enclosure
Free Standing Enclosure Side Walls
Complete Free Standing Enclosure
Our technical reps have the knowledge to work through your details to find custom industrial curtain enclosure and industrial cleanroom enclosure solutions that fit your business needs and requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project!
Retractable Insulated Enclosure Pass-Thru
Reinforced Ceiling Cover

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