Case Study: Single Layer Curtains for Barns

The Challenge

Our customer was contacted by a local organization that needed to separate an area of the big show barn. This area would be used for their educational sessions as well as the shooting sessions for their local Shooting Sports Club. They needed an industrial curtain solution that would help to insulate the area should the temperature become too cold in the barn.

The Solution

AmCraft Manufacturing offers several industrial curtain solutions, including insulated curtains that could meet the customer’s required objectives. In this particular case, the most economical solution was a single layer industrial curtain. We created an L-shape curtain system with varying widths and heights, then used threaded rod connectors to suspend the Track System from the existing structural members. This layout enabled the customer to utilize two other sides with existing walls thus creating an enclosure that served as the barrier they needed against temperature changes, noise, etc.

Although the customer chose our single layer curtain solution instead of an insulated curtain system, we recommended that the area be made air tight in order to meet the required objectives. We accomplished this by adding a removable floor sweep on the bottom of the industrial curtain system and attaching the vertical sides of the curtains to the wall, which ensured that air could not pass through.

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The customer selected a solid dark green material for the bottom of their single layer curtain. A clear vision panel that provides 100% visibility was not a criteria and therefore they opted to use a reinforced clear material that offers a longer lifespan of use. The reinforced clear material contains a bit of scrim for durability purposes, yet it still enables light to pass through. A light beige was the perfect color choice for the top of the curtain as it kept the room bright and didn’t darken the area.

AmCraft Manufacturing offers several types of pass-throughs for our curtain systems. A 4-foot wide by 7-foot high PVC strip door was the solution the customer selected. Each clear strip is 8-inches wide and 80-mil in thickness which is very durable. We incorporated a 50% overlap to prevent air from passing through, but still provided the ease of use necessary for entering and exiting the curtain enclosure. The PVC strip door was secured by Velcro to the curtain which enabled both the strip door and the curtain to retract to the side, creating a more functional and flexible space.

This was a unique challenge for our customer as they were the only company willing to tackle the process and we were happy to provide an industrial curtain solution that exceeded their expectations.

To learn more about single layer industrial curtains and how they can benefit your business or workspace, contact AmCraft Manufacturing today.

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