Case Study: Single Layer Curtains for
Auto Body Shop


Our client needed an industrial curtain wall product for his customer that offered a larger “clear” surface. Many of their customers are looking to create viewing areas within their auto body shops in order to involve the vehicle owner in the process. The goal of using industrial curtains as wall dividers was to create an experience that would enable their customers to view their vehicles being modified from within the shop area, while providing a safe working environment for the employees.


Our client has previously worked with other companies that manufacture similar industrial curtains. However, for this project, AmCraft Manufacturing was selected because the client wanted to compare our quality and service to that of our competitors.

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Competitive Edge with Industrial Curtains

We have something invaluable to offer our customers at every step of the ordering process; from a customer’s initial contact all the way through to the manufacturing and shipping of the industrial curtain wall product. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives aim to be as helpful as possible, whether a customer has previously experienced the curtain ordering process or requires a special touch because it’s their first time.

During the initial contact, AmCraft’s customer service representatives pride themselves on asking the right questions in order to better assess the customer’s specific needs. The objective is to listen to the customer’s vision for the product, gather as many specifics regarding it’s intended use, recommend the appropriate curtain wall solution and thoroughly explain the process from start to finish.

The customer service representatives will diligently create a quote that adequately details the customer’s request so that it’s clear what their order encompasses and what optional add-ons are available. AmCraft’s goal is 100% transparency so that a customer is not blindsided by hidden fees, unclear product offerings and directives.

Once an order enters the manufacturing phase, AmCraft places a lot of emphasis on the quality of the industrial curtains. For example, all of the Velcro edges are reinforced with four lines of stitching, a 14-ounce premium vinyl is used instead of a 13 ounce, to give the end product a nicer look. If durability or exposure to extreme conditions is a concern, upgrades to thicker and coated vinyl are available. AmCraft RF welds all of the industrial curtain’s internal seams in order to eliminate any stitch lines running through the curtain. RF welding also makes all of the internal curtain seams waterproof. In addition, grommets at the top of the curtain wall are reinforced with heavyweight webbing so they will not become dislodged over time.

Custom Industrial Curtain Solutions

AmCraft Manufacturing takes on many industrial curtain wall projects that are super custom. The aim is to tailor the industrial curtain products to match the customer’s unique application, instead of requiring a customer to fit a standard curtain to their specific needs. AmCraft’s custom approach goes beyond the manufacturing of the curtain walls and transcends into their concierge level approach to customer service.

The unspoken motto is to create an enjoyable personalized experience for each customer. One way that AmCraft accomplishes this is by having one representative work with the same customer from start to finish. Loyal customers are often paired with the same representative who assisted them with previous orders. In addition, installation instructions are often customized by the representative to suit the customer’s unique installs.

AmCraft Manufacturing places a strong value on building relationships as this enables the customer service representative to better anticipate the needs of the customer. This is the high level of service you can expect to receive and it is exactly what this client experienced. In the end, he was happy with the product and “greatly pleased” with the quality of AmCraft.

Whether you have previously purchased industrial curtain wall products or are considering if an industrial curtain is the solution you need, then allow the professionals at AmCraft to wow you with the quality of their products and service.

Get started by creating your curtain or by contacting AmCraft Manufacturing today.

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