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Noise Absorbing Baffles

AmCrafts industrial sound baffles are used as baffles and curtains. To make sure you receive a optimal noise reduction, we recommend choosing from our most effective sound transmitting materials such as the acoustic fabric or the PVC coated mesh. The sound absorbing baffles come in standard or custom widths to reach the width needed they are vertically connectable. This helps especially if you must protect large surfaces from getting sound waves to emit into concrete walls. The Industrial noise dampening baffles can be ordered up to 50ft. to fit any large facility.
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Features of the sound absorbing curtain baffles

  • Retractable and stationary industrial sound absorbing baffles can go up to 50’ high
  • Absorbs sound on both sides
  • Standard width 62” or 57” wide sections with vertical velcro connections
  • Three different sound absorption fabrics are available
  • Can be hung on track or directly to your ceiling structure.
  • Fiberglass-free
  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A, NFPA – 701 and CSFM
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Offers the possibility of having a sloped top edge or working around building obstructions
Acoustic Curtain

Flexible in Height and Width

These industrial noise dampening baffles are also sometimes called sound absorbing blankets. Because of the size flexibility often hung above loud machinery in manufacturing facilities.

By hanging the noise absorbing baffles close to the noise source the audible sound waves are forced to go through the soft sound dampening materials in the baffles causing a higher decibel loss.

Acoustic Pads above noise source

The industrial sound absorbing and dampening curtain baffles have no sound blocking materials in them. This makes them a lot lighter than all of the industrial acoustic curtains with the heavy sound-blocking material inside.

How to hang the Sound dampening Baffle Curtains

Echo Reduction Wall Sound Pads
  • If the noise absorbing baffles need to retract you would hang them onto a track system.
  • For a stationary mount:
    Tie wrapped onto pipes or joists
    C-clamped onto I-beams
    Suspended on chain or cables
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Noise Reduction Pads Suspended On Chain

Learn more about our other industrial acoustic sound dampening baffle types options. Our sales team will be happy to help you to make ideal choices for your facility. Request a quote today!