Industrial Noise Control Curtain Wall

Because we understand that extremely high decibel levels paired with low-frequency ranges are considered the highest challenge, our experts at AmCraft Industrial Curtain Wall have developed an industrial noise control curtain wall that provides double sound barrier protection. The double-barrier industrial acoustic curtains are meant to enclose noise, much like our single-barrier industrial sound-dampening curtains. In terms of deciding which construction of industrial acoustic curtain is correct for you, we typically recommend the double barrier industrial curtain wall for decibel level higher than 93 and/or low frequency sounds.

The reason that this curtain will yield higher decibel losses is because of the two layers of noise-blocking materials with a sound-absorbing cavity in between. The sound has to travel through multiple layers until hitting the back layer of sound-blocking material. Once the sound reaches that back panel, the sound waves are bounced back and forced to go through all of the layers of the curtain again. This unique construction is how our double barrier industrial acoustic curtain wall achieves a much greater sound reduction outcome in comparison to acoustic products offered by our competitors.

To achieve the highest level of decibel reduction, it is also important to hang the soft, cushioned side so that it faces the noise source. This allows for the noise to be partially absorbed before it even gets to the two layers of sound-blocking materials. The NRC value is about the same as our single barrier industrial acoustic curtain, but the STC value is noticeably higher.

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Features of our Industrial Retractable Soundproof Curtains

  • Industrial retractable soundproof curtains can be made up to 20’ high
  • Industrial acoustic curtains can be made up to 25’ high if they are stationary
  • One side of the industrial noise control curtain wall developed to absorb the sound
  • This construction of industrial noise control curtain wall has an added layer of sound blocking material in its center
  • Three different sound absorption fabrics are available for the face of the industrial acoustic curtains
  • Can be hung on a track in a slight accordion pattern to increase the sound absorption level
  • Can incorporate small replaceable window panels and door cut outs
  • Fiberglass-free
  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A, NFPA – 701 and CSFM

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