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Industrial Double Acoustic Curtain

In talking with some of our customers where there are extremely high decibel levels paired with a low frequency levels which are considered the highest challenge, we have developed the

Industrial Double Sound Barrier Curtain.

As with the Single Barrier Curtain Panels, these are also meant to enclose the noise. The double layer of noise blocking material provides additional density for the noise to be blocked.


  • Retractable up to 20’ High
  • Stationary up to 25’ High
  • One side absorbs the sound
  • Added layer of sound blocking material in the center and on the back side
  • Three different absorption level fabrics are available
  • Can be hung on track in a slight accordion pattern to increase the sound absorption level
  • Can incorporate small replaceable window panels and door cut outs
  • No fiberglass
  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A or NFPA-701
Double Barrier Stationary Wall
Retractable Sound Blocking Curtain
Compressor Noise Enclosure Curtain Stationary
Stationary Acoustic Curtain Walls
Double Sound Barrier Retractable Stationary
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