Wall Mount Track System


Connects and supports the track

Split Support

Supports the track, does not connect

Wall Mount Track System

The Wall Mount Track System has a Flange Up and a Flange Down option. These mounts are typically used on a wall header, above an overhead door or other opening. They are very rarely attached directly to a full height wall. One reason that this would not work well is that the curtain requires an 8″ space on each side of the industrial curtain track hardware in order to retract smoothly. If the curtain is not intended to be retracted, then the above mentioned spacing is not necessary.

Wall mount flange up industrial curtain track hardware

The flange up brackets are much more popular than the flange down brackets. There are two ways to mount the flange up brackets to a wall header:

Flush or Front Mount

Wall Mount Flange Up - Flush Mount
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The flush mount and under mount options allow the curtain(s) to neatly retract inside of the opening, thereby reducing its width. Please keep in mind the curtain thickness determines the retracted width. Ask your sales representative for the retracted width of the various single layer, insulated, and acoustic curtains.

Under Mount

Wall Mount Flange Up - Under Mount
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Overall view where to place the Wall Mount Components

Wall Mount Track Full Layout

Barn Door Concept

To make this type of curtain, flat (not retractable) insulated or acoustic panels are hung on to the industrial curtain track hardware. You will need track amounting to double the width of the total curtain width for this scenario to work. The curtain panels can slide only to one side of the opening, or split in half and slide in both directions. This approach works effectively if there is open wall space next to the doorway. The barn door concept offers the advantage of not compromising the width of the opening by having the retracted curtain sit inside of the doorway.
Overlap Trolley Without Rope

If you choose to have two curtains overlapping in the center of the opening, we recommend using an overlap trolley. This piece has a 12″ arm that allows one curtain to overlap the other.

The overlap trolley is always mounted to the left-hand curtain (orientation: standing in front of the enclosure). This means that the left-hand curtain always overlaps the righthand curtain.

Another way to maintain the width of the opening is by mounting the track 8″ away from the wall. This requires additional track width to accommodate the folded curtain on the side of the opening. Please note that AmCraft does not supply the necessary hardware to extend the track from the wall.
The wall mount track system is frequently paired with an another track systems. In some cases, the wall mount track system is used to suspend the track. Therefor you would receive additional installation instructions for a different type of track system/suspension hardware.

The image below provides an overall elevation side view.

side elevation view wall mount

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