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Beam Flange Mounting Systems

Free Standing Industrial Curtain Mount

The freestanding curtain track system is anchored to the floor. This track system is mostly used if the track can not be supported from the existing ceiling structure. We recommend an upright support every 5ft.
floor mount base plate FCBFC6P K51
  • Anchored to the floor
  • Can be reconfigured and reused
  • Self supported – does not need support from above
  • Ceiling cover with a ceiling grid can be created if support from above is possible
  • Height limit depending on the curtain weight (12ft max height)
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Some useful Details:

About Track Sections

Straight Track

Straight Track Sections are available in:

2′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′ and 8′ sections.

We do not recommend using tracks over 8′ long, as this drives shipping costs up. Since the track hardware is a heavier product, we want to ensure that the way we package the product has the least possibility of getting damaged in transit. All of our packing and handling is performed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Floor Mount 90° Curve description
Curved Track 90° or 45°
  • Welded plain connectors on each end
  • Requires two Floor Mount Split Supports & Floor Mount Columns on each end of curve

About Connectors & Split Supports

Floor Mount Connector FCC K55A

Floor Mount Connector

includes 2 sets screws
floor mount split support FCS K55

Floor Mount Split Support

floor mount corner connector FCA K52
includes 2 sets screws

Corner Connector

Another way to handle a corner within the track layout
would be to use a 90 degree corner connector. These pieces form a hard corner, which curtains cannot move around. Each piece comes with two set screws to secure the track sections on each side.

floor mount T connector FCT K53

includes 3 sets screws


The T-Connectors are used to create a divider in a rectangular track configuration. These are often used in the Auto Industry to create bays for painting or mechanical work on cars and trucks.

Special Feature about the Floor Mount


Freestanding with Cover

Free Standing Enclosure
Grid ceiling must be supported from above

About End Stops & supporting the ends of the track

Wall Mount End Stops, Flange Up and Down

If you are able to run the track all the way to a wall you can use the Wall Mount End Stops to support the track end. Using these pieces provides more stability to your track overall. You would have to let us know if you prefer the flange to be UP or Down.
wall mount end stop
wall mount end stop flange-up
Wall Mount End
Stop Flange UP
wall mount end stop flange-down
Wall Mount End
Stop Flange Down
If you use an Split Support to support your track end and your track does not stop at a wall you need to insert an adjustable end stop into the track end to make sure the trolley hooks don’t fall out.
An additional way to use the adjustable end stop is if you want to fixate one end of the curtain at a certain position.
Threaded Rod Mount End Stop
For example next to a wall so one of the curtain edges would be stationary. All you would do is using an additional adjustable end stop between the last two trolley hooks.

Trolley Rollers get slide into the Track & hooked onto the Curtains

Nylon Roller NY K42

Used for ourSingle layer Curtain Products and for other lighter weight Curtains

Steel Roller SR K44

Used for our heavier type of curtains, such as Insulated and Acoustic.

Pull Rope Trolley

Overlap Trolleys are used on one of the curtains where you want to create an overlap. Ideal for pass-throughs.

Overlap Trolley Without Rope OLT K72
Used in a Industrial setting where the curtains get moved a lot.
It is important, and this is also explained in our Installation instructions, you would count the rollers needed per track run. By counting the Grommets on the curtains you will know the needed Roller amount. You must slide the roller into the track before mounting the last piece of track to the wall.