Floor Mount Track System

Floor Mount 90° Curve


Connects and
supports the track

Split Support

Supports the track,
does not connect

Threaded Rod Mounting System

The Free Standing Industrial Curtain Track is anchored to the floor with 12″ x 12″ base plates and columns. The columns can go up to 12′ height. This track system is mostly used if the track can not be supported from the existing ceiling structure.
Floor Mount Split Support
The columns are installed inside of the enclosure. AmCraft Manufacturing does not provide fasteners to attach the base plate to the floor. Please make sure the floor mounted industrial curtains are supported every 5′ to guarantee a stable structure.
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Overall view where to place the industrial curtain track hardware
Floor Mount Components

The columns are always mounted inside of the enclosure, which provides a nice front view of the industrial curtain track hardware assembly once the curtain is hanging from the track.
Floor Mount Full Layout

The image below provides an overall elevation side view of the free standing industrial curtain mount

floormount overall elevation side view

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