Hanging Acoustic Baffles

Hanging acoustic baffles from AmCraft Industrial Curtain Wall are ideal for loud industrial, manufacturing, or public spaces. The construction of the hanging baffles allows for you to either mount them directly along your ceiling structure or suspend them down to be closer to the noise source. Suspending the baffles close to the noise source will let them absorb the sound as soon as possible once the noise is created.

The hanging sound absorption baffles reduce sound in vast industrial spaces or the noisiest venues. The overall noise and echo will be improved to a comfortable level for your employees and visitors.

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Features of Hanging Sound Absorption Baffles

  • Excellent sound absorption
  • We use 4 in. thick sound absorption materials for better results
  • Stiffener in the top edge, to allow for mounting anywhere along the top edge of the baffle (to match your ceiling structure’s locations)
  • Can be mounted directly to or suspended from your existing ceiling structure
  • Standard sizes are 2 ft. and 4 ft. high x up to 8 ft. wide
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Resists microbial growth
  • Three different absorption levels to choose from
  • No itch or skin irritation. Fiberglass free.
  • All materials ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rated
  • Flame retardant (NFPA 701 Certification)
  • AmCrafted in the USA
Hanging sound absorption baffles
Mount the hanging acoustic baffles to existing trusses or I-Beams parallel or perpendicular. Build overhead sound base traps by creating corner sections with two hanging baffles.

Installing hanging sound absorption baffles

Can be hung perpendicular to or parallel to your ceiling structure.

  • It is much easier to hang them parallel to your trusses or beams because you have a continuous anchoring point.
  • If you choose to hang them perpendicular to your structures, we would need to know the distance between the beams or trusses. This allows us to ensure that the fasteners are placed directly below your available anchoring/mounting points.

Can be hung directly or suspended from your ceiling structure.

  • The benefit of suspending the hanging baffles is that you can place them closer to the source of the noise. This method is great echo prevention, and the baffles can absorb the noise as soon as possible and intercept noise before it hits hard surfaces (which would cause the sound to echo).

The best placement of the hanging sound absorption baffles

Where you choose to use them depends on how sound travels through your space. These are most effective when the baffles are mounted close to your noise source(s). Most of our customers have varied needs, but generally you are either dealing with noises coming from multiple noise sources or just from one piece of industrial machinery.

Since the hanging sound absorption baffles can be suspended, it is beneficial to hang them at varying heights. Sound waves change their direction when hitting an object, so baffles at different heights can absorb noise at various levels.

It can also be very useful to create corner sections by hanging one baffle parallel and the other one perpendicular to your structure (see photo below). This will create a base trap for the sound to lose itself in.

How many hanging acoustic baffles do I need?

The more soft surfaces you have, the more sound you can absorb. Hanging acoustic baffles are filled with sound-absorbing material to interrupt the flow of sound waves and minimize echo.

Exactly how many you need depends on the space and the type of sound.

Low-frequency sounds, often caused by generators and manufacturing equipment, are the most difficult to absorb. You’ll need more baffles to get the job done. Because our hanging baffles come with 4” thick absorption material inside you will get better results. It gives you double the absorption material of the competitor’s product.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to hang baffles from every beam, start with a few and then test the noise levels to measure the effect. With just two anchor points, free-hanging sound baffles are easy to install wherever you need them.

The objective is to prevent the sound from hitting hard surfaces to give the sound soft materials to absorb into.

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