Case Study: Single Layer Curtains for Industrial

The Challenge

Our client was faced with a potentially challenging curtain installation due to numerous existing obstructions. They needed a custom industrial curtain solution that would accommodate these obstructions, yet remain aesthetically pleasing while still maintaining the required functionality.
Single Layer Curtain Industrial
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The Solution

When adding Industrial Curtains to a large warehouse space, it is not uncommon to find that it doesn’t just go up without a problem. Taking accurate measurements is critical to getting a large industrial curtain wall to function the way you want it to. To be successful with such a large project, it is extremely beneficial to work personally with a company that can support your vision and goals. AmCraft has a customer support team that works with customers every day on custom solutions to create an industrial curtain wall solution that is specific to the layout and structure of their facility.

One such case is an industrial curtain wall project that was created by AmCraft for a customer in Ohio. AmCraft is located in a suburb of Chicago, but this distance did not prove to be difficult because digital photographs were supplied which created a ‘visual’ representation of the area, as well as close ups of the structural ceiling and the obstructions that were present.

Communication is key to every successful project

One key point for successful installations is having a knowledgeable customer service representative on hand to address these obstructions all along the way. In this case, the large industrial curtain enclosure was successfully installed even though the only feet on the ground was the customer.

This industrial curtain enclosure was a complicated job that had specific measurements and close tolerances to achieve total containment of the area. The customer took measurements and AmCraft provided a detailed layout showing what areas of the installation would need a ‘work around’ to fit around several types of obstructions. AmCraft was able to relay what could, and could not, be done to get a perfect fit. This personalized service helped to make the installation go smoothly, and the result was the industrial curtain enclosure fit perfectly.

Customer service support delivers great results

The customer relayed back to AmCraft that the industrial curtain was not only a ‘perfect job’ but that he appreciated how well they worked together. As a happy customer, he stated that “the product is amazing, beautiful, productive and does what it’s supposed to do”. We can all appreciate how hard it can be to work through custom applications, and when a customer has full confidence in the support he receives, it is a win – win for everyone!

If you need technical assistance and custom solutions for any type of industrial curtain application, you can be confident that your project will be backed by AmCraft’s Customer Support Team!

To learn more about custom industrial curtains solutions designed to work around cranes or other existing obstructions, contact AmCraft Manufacturing today.