Case Study: Acoustic Solutions for Utilities

Our customer needed an acoustic noise block solution to create a sound barrier around three large compressors that are oil-less and very loud with a high-pitched whine. AmCraft designed and configured multiple

acoustic enclosures,

including a Retractable Acoustic Curtain Wall with Single Barrier Technology that created much needed separation around the perimeter of the area that housed the compressors. In addition, Hanging Baffles were also used to provide additional sound absorbing support close to the noise source.
Compressor Noise Enclosure Curtain Stationary

Since installing AmCraft’s Acoustic Noise Block System, our customer noted that the noise from the compressors have been eliminated in the adjacent workshop, making it unbelievably better to work in. Retired employees have visited their workshop and office area and thought the equipment was turned off. Their crews have gone from having everyone wearing earplugs every day to only wearing earplugs once a shift to perform rounds on the compressors themselves. Most notably, the Atlas Copco Air Compressor Technician was amazed by how well the curtains cut down the noise without causing any change in the equipment operating temperature.

“We went from 95 dB in front of the control panel, down to under 80 dB!”

Because decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale, a decibel reduction of only between 3 to 10 dB can reduce the perceived sound to the human ear by as much as half. Decibel level, frequency, total cubic space, room surfaces and furnishings matters on the result.

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