Acoustic & Sound Baffles

Wall Baffle

Noise-Absorbing Wall Baffles

AmCraft Wall Baffles cover hard wall surfaces to reduce reverberation and echo. Select sizes and colors to match your space for noise control that looks great.

These sound baffles for walls are designed without any hard surfaces to optimize the sound absorption level and minimize your shipping cost. Filled with 100% open-cell fibers. Our sound-absorbing material does not compress over time and is a great alternative to fiberglass and mineral wool.

Choose your acoustic filling thickness to match your needs. We recommend the 2 in. thickness for architectural noise control to reduce the echo of conversations and sound systems. The 4 in. filling thickness is ideal for industrial and manufacturing facilities since the thicker material more effectively absorbs low-frequency sounds.

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  • Excellent sound absorption
  • 2 in. and 4 in. thick absorption material options available
  • Optional stiffeners for top and/or bottom edges
  • Custom sizes available
  • Resists microbial growth
  • Three different absorption level fabrics to choose from
  • Fiberglass-free to avoid itch and skin irritation
  • All materials ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rated
  • Flame retardant (NFPA 701 Certification)
  • AmCrafted in the USA

Mounting acoustic baffles for walls

Mount acoustic wall baffles directly to the wall using the attached 1 in. flap. You can affix them with crews, nails, clips, or hooks depending on the style of your wall. The bottom edge has a 2″ horizontal velcro strip sewn onto the backside which attaches to a horizontal velcro strip on the wall. For easier installation, both the top and bottom flap can be ordered with a stiffener inside of the flaps.

Acoustic Wall Pads
Acoustic Wall Baffle Placement

How many wall baffles do you need?

The more the better! Covering more hard surfaces with wall baffles means more acoustic energy can be absorbed. This improves the noise level and enhances comfort for people in the space.

Since each wall baffle is mounted individually, you can start with just a few and add more units as needed. For even more sound absorption, consider adding ceiling baffles, free-hanging baffles, and corner baffles as well. And moving your baffles to a new location is easy, just reposition the fasteners.