Acoustic Corner Baffles

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Ceiling - Wall Seam Corner Baffle
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Corner Bass Traps

Have you ever been in a loud room and stood in one of the corners? You probably noticed that the room suddenly seemed louder. When sound waves hit corners they tend to bounce around, increasing the perceived noise level. Corner Bass Traps can help.

When sound echoes in a corner, it can make the whole room seem noisier. Most rooms have at least two types of corners—where the walls meet each other (vertical corners), and where the walls meet the ceiling (horizontal corners). AmCraft corner baffles work for both types.

Acoustic corner baffles absorb sound to prevent it from bouncing back into the room. Sounds that pass through the baffle get trapped in the air gap between the acoustic material and the wall. This works as a simple bass trap, capturing low-frequency sound waves that tend to be difficult to dampen. The result is a perceptibly quieter room.

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  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Industrial size available
  • Custom heights available. Standard height is 4 ft.
  • Stackable
  • Can be velcroed to the wall or attached with fasteners
  • Soft materials to optimize sound absorption
  • Resists microbial growth
  • Three different absorption-level fabrics to choose from
  • No itch or skin irritation. Fiberglass free.
  • All materials ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rated
  • Flame retardant (NFPA 701 Certification)

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Installing Sound Baffles for Corners

Installation is simple.

Mount baffles vertically to dampen sound in wall corners. You can use a single 4-foot panel or stack them to fit your space. We also make acoustic corner baffles for horizontal ceiling wall corners.

The vertical corner baffles come with sewn-on velcro strips. You can add your own adhesive velcro you also receive with each corner baffle you order.

The adhesive velcro does not stick to every surface, we recommend using tap screws to adhere the adhesive velcro permanently to the wall. Each corner baffle also has two flaps with a grommet sewn into the top edge seam. You can use the grommet flaps in addition to the velcro attachment or just hang the corner baffle by the grommet flaps.

Industrial Vertical Corner Baffles

The horizontal corner baffles are mounted through fasteners onto the wall and ceiling. Of course, corners aren’t the only surfaces that reflect sound in a space. For even more sound absorption, try adding wall baffles and ceiling baffles to your room as well.