Case Study: Single Layer Curtain for Auto Body Spray Booth

The Challenge

A distributor in the Northeast region had a new client who needed a way to create separate areas within their autobody shop. The customer needed designated work spaces to keep newly sanded buses clean and free of dust prior to entering the paint spray booth, in addition to containing any overspray within the paint booth from spilling over to other areas outside of the booth.
Autobody curtain wall
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The Solution

Collision Center Design’s distributor relationship with AmCraft Manufacturing played a key role in meeting their client’s needs. Based on our established relationship and the time AmCraft invested into getting the distributor well-equipped with our industrial curtain wall product knowledge, custom options, and lead times; the distributor was able to engage the client with full confidence that an industrial curtain wall from AmCraft would be a viable solution.

Collision Center Design recommended to their client a single layer curtain in yellow to fully enclose the mouth of the spray booth and serve as the holding area for the buses. The yellow color helped in brightening up the space. A clear vision panel was also incorporated to provide optimal visibility. One of the many “hidden” benefits of the distributor relationship, is our ability to anticipate the needs of our distributors. We pride ourselves on learning their preferences on colors, size, custom features, etc. As is the case with this distributor, our team knows to typically incorporate a vision panel, understands their preference to use a threaded wall mount except in extreme situations, and knows how long they would like their curtain track system to be in order to work well with their preferred method of installing the curtain. These “hidden” benefits combine to save time on both sides and allows for a pretty seamless ordering process.

Becoming a distributor for AmCraft Manufacturing provides an opportunity for the distributor to become a one-stop shop for their customers by providing industrial curtain product solutions that complement their existing product offerings. For instance, Collision Center Design also recommended a Proflo portable filtering system to work in conjunction with the industrial curtain wall system to reduce dust in the work area. The end result is that other areas of the autobody shop is now seeing greatly improved air quality.

Learn more about AmCraft Manufacturing’s Distributor Program by downloading the Distributor Guide or by contacting our Program Specialist today.