Ceiling Mount Track System

Title Ceiling Mount


Ceiling Mount CMC K37

Connects and supports the track

Split Support

Ceiling Mount Split Support CMS K37 A

Supports the track, does not connect

The Ceiling Mount Track System is used for installing the industrial curtain track hardware directly onto a ceiling or any flat, horizontal surface. Common surfaces include drywall or sheetrock ceilings and corrugated metal over wooden trusses (typically found in barns and work sheds). When attaching the ceiling mount track system to a ceiling, it is crucial to ensure that you drill the fasteners into the trusses or studs above the ceiling, to secure a safe installation. Please note that AmCraft Mfg. does not provide the fasteners.
In some situations, your surface may not provide the necessary width to fasten the industrial curtain track hardware, considering the size of the ceiling mount plates (they are 3.5″ wide). Please find below a recommended solution, used successfully by many AmCraft customers.

As an alternative to the ceiling mount, if you do not have a big enough flat surface to place the ceiling plates of the connectors or split supports.

We recommend connecting the track sections with plain connectors. (see image)

Drill through the center of the top surface of the track every 2′ to 3′ feet. (Do not drill through the connectors) Use flat head screws so the trolleys do not interfere with the screw heads.
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Overall view where to place the Ceiling Mount Components

Ceiling Mount System full Layout
The ceiling mount track system is the most visually appealing

industrial curtain track hardware

system because it shows the least hardware above the track. If you would like to hide the track height and the grommets with the trolley hooks as well we recommend adding a removable valance which improves the appearance.

The image below provides an overall elevation side view.

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