Beam Flange Track System



Connects and supports the track

Split Support

Beam Flange Split Support (BFS-K88)

Supports the track, does not connect

Beam Flange Track System


beam flange mounting system

is ideal when attaching directly to non-sloped ceiling members such as bar joists, metal trusses, or I-beams.

The C-Clamp atop the connector or split support is fastened on via a screw. The C-clamp portion of the connector or split support will swivel when the connecting screw is loosened with an allen key. This is essential because it will allow the piece to connect with a ceiling member that is parallel to the industrial curtain track hardware run OR perpendicular to the track run. This makes the beam flange mounting system extremely versatile.

The key here is to remember that this mounting style only works when attaching directly to leveled ceiling members.

The beam flange track system is favored among the industrial curtain track hardware due to the capabilities demonstrated below. We show a beam flange connector mounted parallel to and perpendicular to a beam or truss by rotating the clamp. Please note the same is possible with a beam flange split support.
parallel mount beam flange
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Overall view where to place the Beam Flange Mount Components

Important Industrial Curtain Track Hardware facts

To ensure your curtains fit seamlessly into your space, it’s important to make sure that the top of the track is installed at the intended height, which can be found in our quotation. Additionally, our curtains are designed to hang 1″ off the floor, which creates a 1″ gap. This gap can be closed by attaching a replaceable floor sweep which provides you with an air tight edge.

The image below provides an overall elevation side view of the beam flange mounting system.

beam flange side elevation view

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