Ceiling Mounted Industrial Track Systems

Ceiling Mounted Industrial Track Systems or suspended curtain track systems are typically used to hang heavy industrial curtains in order to create new work areas or to section off rooms within a larger space. Within many business applications a new work area is needed to perform a specific function, whether it be for climate control, contaminate control, safety work areas or work bay stations that require a separate and controlled environment.

Commercial galvanized or stainless steel curtain tracks are low profile and clean in its appearance. The track mates with various mounting and suspension systems to facilitate installation in or on office acoustic drop ceilings as well as beam and truss construction roofs in industrial spaces.

Ceiling Mount
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Some of the most common uses for the commercial metal curtain track system are; thermal movable barriers, retractable sound attenuation panels, to create dust and/or overspray containment work areas, to create flexible work spaces and as safety barriers for workers. The track system allows the curtains to be fully retractable and easy to clean.

Curtain track systems offer a very important and desirable aspect to creating flexible work areas to a business. This ‘flex space’ is movable to other areas as the need arises, and can be quickly modified for a specific purpose. It is easily scalable for additional uses and requirements.

AmCraft offers track systems to fit any shape and space layout. We provide curves, multi-level operation, directional switching, and track intersection which maximizes the range of movement for the curtains that ride on the track system.