Photography Backdrop Curtains

Photography Backdrop Curtains

are becoming increasingly popular to use as photographic backgrounds in photo shoots of large objects in large spaces. Photography backdrop curtains can be custom made to any size required to fill a large space, typically a warehouse. AmCraft photography backdrop curtains are custom made using your choice of vinyl or fabric material in many solid color options. Blue or green vinyl is used to create a ‘blue screen’ or ‘green screen’ background that is used in the merging of digital images for advertising purposes. AmCraft’s fabric photo backdrop curtains absorb light and provides a nearly black background, thus eliminating ‘hot spots’ from lighting systems. A solid background allows a digital artist to add a photographic, video or computer generated image over the background to match up with the photographed object (in this case, an automobile) to increase marketing effectiveness. Many print and TV advertisers use this technology to save money by reducing the cost of ‘on location’ photography sessions.

The photography backdrop curtain made using vinyl material is opaque, which blocks natural and indoor light. The best results are achieved with a matte finish vinyl, it is the least reflective. Another option is a gloss vinyl material, but this may cause some ‘hot spots’ of light on the curtain if artificial lighting (strobes or camera lighting systems) are used too close to the curtain.

In this example, a customer wanted to keep the natural light to a minimum, as it was right next to the garage doors leading outside. Using white vinyl, the light is blocked but still provides minimal soft and even lighting.

Floor to ceiling curtains are mounted to a retractable track system which allows the curtains to open and close. Our variety of ceiling mount track options provide flexibility in the use of a photography backdrop curtain.

Our vinyl industrial curtains are strong and weather resistant, you can use them indoors or outdoors.

AmCraft Manufacturing can fabricate a photo background curtain to any size and configuration to meet your space requirements. This cost efficient option is easy to use, clean, and install. To view another example of our curtains used in a TV show, see our blog ‘Graveyard Carz’ in Curtain Applications, also posted on this site.

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