Industrial Insulated Dividers for ALL Four Seasons

While the remnants of a harsh winter pass us by, it seems to be a ritual task to be able to store those thoughts of

industrial insulated divider walls

away and not worry about it until the next snow fall. Don’t pack those thoughts just yet! Thermal industrial partitions can be used year-round.

Spring Forward… and Back – Retractable Insulated Curtain Panels

Out with snow and cold, in with life sprouting everywhere! With wildlife crawling out of hibernation and trees coming back to life, it is almost impossible to think that insulation within your facility is necessary. While spring is an indication of warmer weather around the corner, there are still several reasons why it is vital to use an insulated industrial curtain barrier. With trees, flowers, and wildlife, come bugs, pollen, mold, and other allergens and contaminants that can pollute your workspace. Increasing amounts of rainstorms, wind, extreme temperatures, and dust tend to make their way into warehouses that do not have proper air flow containment methods. To protect products, processes, workers, and equipment, an insulated divider curtain can be installed to protect against substantial temperature fluctuations and control outside pests that can gain access through open warehouse doors and dock stations.

Keep Your Cool This Summer – Industrial Insulated Partitions

Summer is pleasant when you clock out, but if you work in a warehouse, you will have wished that you had a thermal industrial curtain divider! Many industries use loading dock stations for receiving and delivering raw materials; additionally, products are being shipped out on a consistent basis. Warehouse personnel are constantly being exposed to the summer heat and some of that heat (and humidity) is being trapped inside! An insulated warehouse curtain wall solves this problem by containing the cool air conditioning within the work areas to create a more comfortable and ultimately productive environment for your workers. The containment of air flow and control of temperature zones provide a substantial cost savings by reducing the amount of exposure that is infiltrating your entry and exit points.

Fall Into Winter – Thermal Industrial Separation

In the fall, Mother Nature prepares for hibernation. Leaves start to fall from the trees, the temperatures drop considerably and it’s time to turn up the heat again! The same insulated industrial divider can be used to contain the heat generated within the facility and control the wayward air flow, the same way it does in the summer. You can see that this multi-use insulated industrial curtain provides your company with energy cost savings throughout the year, and protects your employees and warehouse merchandise from all the changing seasons.

As you can see – the need for industrial insulated dividers remains constant. It is just the seasons that change! For more information or assistance with your project, contact one of our technical specialists at 847-439-4565 or email us at

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