Thermal Industrial Curtain Enclosures Protect Products & Workers

Many industries face with the dilemma of finding a solution which effectively addresses temperature separation while keeping costs at a minimum – a thermal industrial curtain enclosure is the ideal approach in tackling this common issue.

Many facilities require a designated, climate controlled area in which the storage is set at a constant, ideal temperature in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the products. For example, floral product storage requires a refrigerated temperature level of 33° to 35° F for standard flowers and 50° to 55° F for tropical flowers. AmCraft’s insulated warehouse curtain enclosures provide the ability to separate different temperature level requirements within the same workspace, providing optimal use of square footage and an easy-to-install, easy-to-move curtain wall system that can be re-configured as storage needs change.

Thermal industrial curtain enclosures can also be used for protecting workers from the elements, warehouses or large areas that do not have heat or cool air returns. Worker comfort and safety provides the type of environment that may assist in boosting productivity and morale within your warehouse and/or industrial processes. AmCraft provides a retractable insulated curtain enclosure that can create a more comfortable and protected work area.

The images seen below are insulated wall enclosures with an R value of 4, inside a warehouse. The customer’s desire was to create a separate work area within the warehouse space in order to enclose a repair station for their product. The warehouse is kept at about 55°F during the winter – for the repair area, the desired temperature is 10° to 15° warmer. In the summer, temperatures can rise up to 90°F, in which case, they would like to keep the area about 10° to 15° cooler. This thermal curtain enclosure has all custom edge sealing options, a floor mounted track system, as well as a reinforced clear vinyl cover (supported by steel struts) in order to maintain the effectiveness of the temperature separation between the enclosed industrial area and the rest of the warehouse. AmCraft went a step further to use white vinyl on the inside of the insulated warehouse curtain enclosure to create a “brighter” environment on the inside.

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