3 Major Industries That Could Use Industrial Grade Curtains

Industrial grade curtains are used to isolate spaces within warehouses or open areas in large facilities. Larger manufacturing projects, storage for inventory, multiple vehicle service stations, and many other business functions require a great amount of space for their operations due to their larger scale requirements. Warehouse type structures generally have an open area with little customization or division of processes.

An industrial grade curtain is a solution that tends to solve a number of large space issues. They are also a great way to stay within the parameters of a budget, whether it is a government expenditure or a body shop equipment expense. The following are three major industries (of the many which AmCraft serves) that could use the assistance of industrial grade curtains.

Government Industry Applications & Privacy

There are a wide variety of industries within government applications that can be curtain walls, such as containment. This can be anything from military vehicle testing areas to servicing repairs in aircraft hangars; and other applications of this type. An industrial grade acoustic curtain enclosure could either keep noise out of an area or contain noise within an area, whereas a simple industrial grade curtain divider can separate one area from another to define spaces.

Larger scale government or military construction projects that are highly classified in nature will need to be hidden from view, especially if there are international contractors and engineers on-site. Though these projects may last an extended amount of time, most times, they are still temporary in nature. Industrial privacy curtains provide a means to separate classified areas from the larger expanse of operations within an open space, providing the space division when needed, and retractability when the project needs to be moved. This confidentiality can be further enhanced with industrial privacy curtains to keep the area completely out of sight using options such as Velcro closures between curtain panels, Velcro connections to walls, filler panels, floor sweeps, and floor attachments (included with D-rings). The industrial privacy curtain wall divider can also be moved to alternate locations when one project ends and another project in a new area begins.

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Agricultural Industry Against the Elements

The agricultural industry naturally brings the outdoors inside. A large industrial barn is used for a number of different purposes: for the storage of harvested crops or livestock; the storage and maintenance of agricultural machinery; or for recreational reasons. Another benefit of an industrial grade curtain divider is to save money by controlling temperature zones within the industrial barn. Industrial grade agriculture curtain dividers also prevent cross contamination between areas and from the outdoors to indoors. Those in the agricultural industry need retractable curtain walls to define work areas but also to pull back the curtain when needed.

Agricultural curtain partitions help to protect your harvested crops while they are in storage awaiting pickup for national and/or international distribution. While they are literally a product of the outdoors brought indoors, it may still be necessary to protect your crops from any additional outdoor elements that may reach your product. This would prevent any harmful bacteria, bugs, dirt, or additional contaminants which could affect the quality of the produce.

Agricultural curtains can also house combine harvesters, crop sprayers, slurry trailers, planes with chemical sprayers, and other agricultural machinery, all under the same roof. Usually, an entire farm building or a large wing of an industrial barn is used accommodate these vehicles, given their size. You may have a “parking” area in front for ground vehicles, and a “parking” area with a runway connected to it for planes, both with entrances that have a great height and exaggerated width. Ideally, a maintenance bay for these vehicles would be set back a bit to make sure the outdoor elements will not affect repair workstations and also to contain any forced air and/or exhaust systems you have in place. Wash stations are created with industrial grade curtain walls or enclosures and are a great way to keep the equipment clean and functioning properly without affecting surrounding areas. With all of these machines under one roof, it’s time to consider agricultural industrial grade curtains to separate and define your work areas.

Autobody Industry & Separation of Processes

Millions of people use vehicles every day to get from point A to point B. The autobody industry is a necessary and always expanding field. There are new requirements, vehicular technologies, and repair technologies that are ever-changing in the business. With the rapid growth of features and options in vehicle construction as well as the upward trend in providing a “one-stop shop” for consumers, an auto body shop needs to create work areas that are not only isolated for a specific purpose, but needs to look clean and professional for customers. An autobody shop provides services for multiple processes, on a wide spectrum of makes and models of cars that come in for repair. It is a challenge to meet ongoing compliance with federal requirements for the auto body shop owner! Luckily, there are certain solutions that a divider curtain can provide to assist with compliance.

Body shop divider curtain walls can be created to enclose a painting area (and accommodate an exhaust system); to isolate grinding, sanding, and welding areas; to accurately assess collision repair damages without distraction; to enclose an area that requires a full deconstruction of the car, and many other functions! Body shop divider curtains help to organize the multitude of processes that are required within a single shop. From reducing shop noise to preventing hazardous and/or cross-contaminating situations, body shop divider curtains are the ideal solution to separating designated spaces to serve different functions within the shop.

Whether it is a local body shop or a government aircraft hangar, industrial grade curtains help define spaces for multiple processes within a facility, provide clean areas for specific functions, offer protection from the elements and sound, meet compliance regulations, or just to create a room within another room. Call AmCraft today for more details on how we can help to define your space for better work efficiency!