A Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering an Industrial Curtain Wall System

An industrial curtain wall system provides a cost effective multi-purpose solution designed to meet the needs of warehouses, auto body shops, manufacturing plants and other facilities where creating a separate work zone is a necessity.

Choosing the right curtain wall that has the key design features to suit its intended function and is manufactured to the specific configurations needed, does not have to be a daunting process.

Here is an easy to follow guide that you can use when you are ready to order your next industrial curtain wall system.

Request an Industrial Curtain Quote

The first step is to submit a quote request. You can easily accomplish this on our website or via phone. You can also use our signature Create My Curtain tool to start the quoting process.

One of our industrial curtain specialists will become your dedicated point of contact. During the initial call, they will discuss your specific needs such as: the type of curtain wall system you wish to order, its intended use and function, size and height requirements, color choice, branding inclusion, add-on accessories and track hardware options, as well as installation and configuration guidelines.

Your industrial curtain specialist will send you a quote based on your discussion. If all looks good, then you’re ready to move on to the second step.

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Receive Your Industrial Curtain Order Confirmation

With your approved quote in hand, you are ready to make your curtain order official. You have two options to solidify your request. The first option is by submitting a signed purchase order. This option is a great choice if you’re accustomed to purchasing and have the necessary purchase order documentation on hand. Simply fill in the pertinent details, sign it and submit it to your designated industrial curtain specialist.

If submitting a signed purchase order is not the best option for you, then your curtain specialist will send you a copy of the order confirmation form. This is a convenient way to confirm your order details, provide your payment information, select a shipping option and then sign and return the authorization.

Your industrial curtain specialist will confirm the lead time, provide you with a ship date and then place your order into production.

Congratulations, Your Order Has Shipped

Your industrial curtain wall system is manufactured in-house. This enables our team to pay close attention to the fine details that go into producing a high quality curtain product. Once the industrial curtain goes through production it is carefully packed and prepared for shipping.

Every industrial curtain wall system includes easy to follow installation instructions. Whether you opt to hire a professional installer or manage the install with your onsite team, you will have full confidence that the instructions you receive will equip you with the know-how to properly install your industrial curtain wall.

If you are ready to experience how easy it is to order a custom industrial curtain wall system for your facility, then contact one of AmCraft’s industrial curtain specialists today.