Acoustic Baffle Systems Are a Sound Choice

The word baffle, at its most basic level, is defined as, “to retrain or regulate”. Used as a noun, its definition expands to, “a device used to restrain the flow of a fluid, gas, or loose material or to prevent the spreading of sound or light in a particular direction”. AmCraft Manufacturing understands these definitions and has used them to design a system of acoustic baffles for industrial environments.

With heavier duty outer layers, and performance focused inner layers, these baffles help facilities of all sizes mitigate and absorb sound and lower noise levels. With four different designs to choose from, it is also guaranteed that there is an acoustical baffle to suit all different sound situations.

The first two baffle options are ones that are designed to be supported by a facility’s ceiling. The “free hanging baffle” has a rectangular shape, with the width being wider than the height. Its mounting method has the top edge of the baffle supported from the ceiling, typically using chain suspension. It hangs straight down and provides a wide, flat panel. These baffles assist with absorbing sound that hits them head on.

Acoustic Baffle Systems photo grid

The second baffle option in this category is the “ceiling baffle”. These units are still rectangular, but are longer rather than wider. Both the right and left edges mount to the existing ceiling, and the center of the baffle is pulled down toward the ground by gravity. This mounting method creates a baffle that is bowed out in the center, away from the ceiling from which it is hung. While these units are also designed to absorb sound, they can catch sound from many different vantage points. Their bowed shape allows them to intercept sound from anywhere within their bell curve, not simply sound that hits them head on.

The final two baffle options mirror those of the two outlined above, but are designed to be supported by the facility’s walls. The “flat wall baffle” has a broad, rectangular shape and sits with its backside flat against an existing wall. Its generous surface area will assist with dampening sound that hits it head on anywhere within its body. Meanwhile, the “convex wall baffle” has a shape that bumps out from the wall on which it is seated. This curved shape once again allows this unit to absorb sound from a wider range of areas. When mounted to a wall, this curved baffle can easily break up sound traveling from the ground, ceiling, or open area in front of it.

All baffle options fabricated by AmCraft have options for their front layer which allows for sound transmission through them, as well as durability and cleanability over time. This unique combination of two different mediums allows for the fabrication of a high performance acoustic product in a long-lasting shell. For more information, please contact our dedicated sales team here.

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