Acoustic Wall Panels / Curtains Reduce Machine Noise in the Workplace

Acoustic walls, panels, or acoustic curtains reduce machine noise in the workplace to meet OSHA requirements for noise levels and employee safety. Industrial and manufacturing facilities that operate loud equipment can generate noise levels at dangerous levels that can affect employee safety. Production lines are typically run on hard and reflective surfaces, causing sound reverberations that can compound the problem. Along with this, the machinery itself produces a high level of noise and echo from motors, and the impact of grinding, pounding, sanding, cutting and other workplace activities. These extreme noise levels can damage the hearing of workers and often affect communication between personnel which can cause additional safety hazards.
Acoustic curtain enclosure
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OSHA regulates noise levels in order to protect workers from hearing loss and workplace accidents. An industrial acoustical curtain is a cost effective and easy way to control many types of noisy environments. The National Institute of Health describes noise-inducing hearing loss as a one-time exposure to loud noise, or as the result of ongoing exposure to a loud environment. Machine shops are an example of workplaces that are filled with tools and machinery that can produce high sound pressure levels ranging from 80 to 110 decibels. OSHA mandates that a safe level for noise should not exceed 85dbs.

Acoustic curtain walls are used in industrial, manufacturing, welding, assembly, automotive, woodworking and other businesses that are prone to high levels of noise emissions. Whether it comes from internal or external forces, excessive noise becomes a problem for everyone when it comes to effectively managing safety issues in the workplace.

Controlling Noise at the Source limits Reverberation & Echo

A good way to reduce noise, reverberation and echo are to separate large areas into smaller areas and contain the noise at the source. A permanent or modular enclosure can be used to control noise levels to the inside of the enclosure or to the outside of the noise source. Because sound barrier curtains rely on re-direction and absorption, it is important to use these sound barriers in a location that can provide the most relief. OSHA mandates that a safe level for noise should not exceed 85dbs.

Sources of Excessive Noise in the Workplace:

• Industrial Gas and Plasma Jets
• Ventilator, Furnaces and Exhaust Fans
• Pumps and Compressors
• Electric Motors
• Machine Tools for forming and metal cutting
• Pneumatic Tools
• Punch Presses
• Lathes and Grinders
• Conveying Systems
• Transport Vehicles

Noise levels that are typical for these sources are:

• Grinding on a pedestal grinder 90-95
• Discharging metal objects into metal bins 85-95
• General noise level in fabrication shop 85-95
• Hammering steel 95-100
• Guillotining 95-100
• Multi-spindle automatic turning 95-105
• Circular sawing metal 95-105
• Pressing – blanking 95-110
• Punch pressing 110-120
• Riveting 100-110

Acoustic Curtain Walls create a Sound Barrier Wall, Enclosure or Modular System for Use in the Shop

Acoustic curtains can be used as stationary or retractable walls. Acoustic curtain walls can be permanently mounted to create stationary workstations, or can be modular, making them flexible enough to install and move to another location to accommodate the relocation of machines or other equipment. Acoustic wall panels can be used as a single wall sound barrier, or as an enclosure mounted to sturdy track systems.

Acoustic curtains with mass loaded vinyl control the sound waves and sound pressure levels that reverberate from the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and machinery surfaces. Acoustic sound enclosures are easy to assemble and flexible in how you want to install it. They can be mounted to the floor, the ceiling, walls, or suspended from the deck of a structural roof.

Using Sound Absorbing & Sound Deflecting Material Reduces Overall Noise Levels

An acoustic curtain is constructed using a durable outer shell and mass loaded vinyl that allows noise to be reduced through sound absorption and sound blocking materials. With the appropriate level of sound reducing materials, it is possible to reduce low frequency noise levels by 20db or more. High frequency or high pitch noise levels can be reduced by as much as 45dbs.

For many high level noise situations the most cost efficient and effective solution is to enclose the noise at the source. Creating an enclosure will limit the way noise can travel, including noise that is air-borne, noise that reverberates from structural sources, and noise that is emitted from equipment and machinery. Many times acoustic ceiling baffles are needed to complete an enclosure in order to achieve the full level of noise reduction that is needed.

Acoustic Sound Barrier Products are a great way to Protect Workers from Unsafe Noise Levels

Acoustic covers are another option for containing noise directly at the source. Covers can be custom made to fit specific equipment such as compressors, hydraulic pumps, HVAC equipment, generators, blowers, pile drivers, furnaces and more.

AmCraft custom manufactures Acoustic Wall Curtains that can provide moderate to maximum noise reduction for use in many applications. These sound barrier products can be made to any size and are an effective and economical way to reduce the levels of sound required to meet OSHA noise level guidelines in the workplace. Contact Us Today!