Advantages of Using Insulated Curtains

When you work in an industrial setting, you probably encounter areas within your workspace that could benefit from some form of separation. For example, if you work in a food industry setting, there may be areas of the warehouse that need to be kept at a different temperature than the rest of the space. You may also be using curtains as a flexible means of entry from the outdoors, in which case it may be ideal to have the insulated curtains keeping the temperature zones separate. There are a number of

advantages to using insulated curtains

instead of traditional, non-insulated industrial curtains.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Installing insulated curtains in your workspace can help you save on energy costs by isolating specific work zones into their own temperature-controlled areas. Because insulated curtains ensure that, for example, cool air in a refrigerated zone doesn’t escape to the non-refrigerated area, you’ll end up spending less over time because the air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep the designated work environment at a consistent temperature. By containing temperature zones, your heating and cooling equipment have an easier job, which naturally costs less money. You’ll start to notice the savings sooner than you think – equipment working hard can really add up fast!

Keep Temperature Zones Consistent

Insulated curtains also ensure that the aforementioned temperature zones stay at the temperature they need to be. For instance, if the curtains are being used to contain indoor work areas from outdoor exposure, the insulated curtains will help prevent outside weather from changing the climate within the building. That means that in a building where the curtains are installed at a loading zone, the curtains’ presence helps keep the inside of the building at a comfortable temperature, regardless of what’s going on outside. These systems help you focus more on the activities of your business and less on temperature control.

Enjoy a Non-Permanent Solution

Of course, if the main goal is to separate different temperature zones, building walls and doors can get the job done as well, but one advantage of using insulated curtains is that they are an impermanent solution. Over time, your needs for the workspace may change or shift around, and because the curtains can be moved around, changing how they work for your space is not as involved as it would be to get rid of or move walls and doors. Impermanence may not always be seen as a positive thing; however, in the case of insulated curtains, it often is.

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